Martin Scorsese will be directing a new series

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_8jAgXJCb4kJyGParamount TV, Martin Scorsese and HBO will work together to create the next television masterpiece based on the movie «shutter Island» (2010). The working title of the series «Ashecliffe», on behalf of an isolated hospital for the criminally insane that is located on the island part of Boston.

Martin said that the series will focus on the secrets of the hospital that were not disclosed in a feature film. Cruel methods of treatment of mental illness in the early 20th century and wrongful acts of doctors, will form the basis of the plot. The series will be a prequel of the movie «shutter Island» in which two American judicial police officer sent to one of the Islands in Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients of the hospital for the insane criminals.

Oscar-winning Director will shoot a pilot episode, and the writer will deliver Dennis Lehan, the author of the book, which was filmed «the Island».

Release date of the series is not disclosed, since Scorsese while working even on a few paintings: historical drama «Silence» and gangster Thriller «revenge of the green dragons» which will be released in the fall.

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