Martial arts, which you didn’t know

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2015_ZgbgZyRW8PABZKnow everything about judo, bored with Aikido and other «IDO». However, throughout history the world has accumulated so many martial arts, many ways to destroy each other, some of them very weird, lying around in the thick of the story.

1. Bokator

An ancient martial art from hot Cambodia, which is famous for its temples, the Khmer Rouge and… nothing else. Once, more than a thousand years ago, in Cambodia there was a huge, powerful by the standards of Indochina, the Khmer Empire, consisting of various small principalities. The center of the Empire was the city of Angor. It was here in valiant capital’s military units originated in this martial art.

The word «bokator» is translated as «beating of a lion». According to ancient legend, one student, who studied this style, came face to face with a lion. The young warrior killed the unfortunate animal one, incredible precision strike with the knee. Like many other Asian martial arts, the technique of bokator based on the imitation of movements of different animals. Monkeys, baboons, and other animals.

What distinguishes it from other types, is cruelty and training. The elbows and knees, locking of joints, throws and much more. More than ten thousand different techniques and strokes make bokator one of the most difficult martial arts.

2. A fight without rules

The good old «battle for survival», without rules and honor code, the essence of which boiled down to basic killing the enemy, and his favourite trick was eye-gouging. «Technique» fight originated between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the United States.

The soldiers fought so fiercely that all normal people agree on the status of «cowards» than to lose body parts in combat with psychopaths, some of whom sharpened their teeth to razor sharpness, in order to fight to bite off the ears, fingers, noses and lips. There were those who did not think, pardon my Belgian, «zapadlo» to bite off the reproductive organ with his sharp teeth. Well. That’s called «Kill me, but I still leave you the fuck». Even wonder why this sport is not very popular in the modern world.

Before this «sport» also include «being drunk and disorderly in a communal apartment», but if MMA can survive in communal fighting chance is reduced to zero. And we have a good journal, so these violent sports we consider.

3. Tank

He was born in the poor slums of Lima – capital of Peru and the beggar is a ruthless and extremely effective martial art that teaches not only to quickly disable or kill the enemy, but to use deceptive tactics (e.g., concealed weapon).

It was founded in 1980, a former marine and part-time felon Roberto Puig of Beseda (a great mix of specialties). Tank is officially classified as a modern mixed martial art consisting of various elements of JIU-jitsu, from Vale tudo. However, the cornerstone of bakoma is stifling, causing fractures and a relentless series of furious blows to vital organs. Here’s a useful sport.

4. Will Ledra

If you improve Muay Thai to bloody meat grinder, it will Ledra favorite martial art, commandos of the Royal Thai army.

Boico are taught to attack without warning, as quickly as possible to neutralize the enemy, by sending to the hereafter with a kick to the throat or an elbow to the temple. By the way, will letrice was sure that the soldiers didn’t hurt. Therefore, strikes are strictly hard body parts (knees, elbows, palms). In short, Muay Thai, whose goal is the total destruction of the enemy.

5. Damba

Sport for the cruel travokurov-sadists. Do not rejoice, death is almost guaranteed.

Spoken in Nigeria, Chad, the Dam is incredibly simple, cruel and effective: take a nigger, he wrapped a firm hand with a rope, his legs heavy chain, naturalem his marijuana, so you don’t suffer and was happy and produced received Gromozeka to hit another high of the sufferer.

The duel takes three rounds, which were not limited in time. The match can be completed of three reasons: at the request of one of the fighters in the absence of the action in the ring (passivity), and when the knee or hand touches the ground. The duel continues until someone wins («Dam» there are no draws). So cunning Africans brought to the bloody insanity of the ancient Egyptian techniques of unarmed combat.

6. System

Russian martial art, which, in fact, no formal exercise and stands, and the interaction is based on a keen sensitivity to the enemy and how to use the weaknesses of your opponent against himself. No aggression, only peace, Slavs! Not aggressive, and its purpose is not to get ahead of to overcome the enemy, and to manage them, because fighters can be many. So practice fighting with multiple sparring partners, who are attacking from all sides, armed with knives and other weapons.

7. Prison martial arts

No, there will not be speech about underground prison fighting, like in the movies with van dam.

Remember the American prisoners? In bright orange jumpsuits, with unkind eyes, muscles and the clear intention of someone to beat or rape. However, some are tired of the typical prison fun, and virgin anus became smaller, so the prisoners had to fight. In fact, nothing special about this, I may say, «martial arts» no. Ordinary street fight. But affect training methods, such as «pick up the deck.» Cards scatter on the floor and the fighter has to collect them until two or three fellow sufferers trying to beat him.

8. Of the Kalari Pyatt

Most consider him to be the oldest fighting system in the world. Created it in the southern province of India – in Caral, and some find its echoes in modern martial arts.

According to oral legend, the Kalari Pyatt was founded by the incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu (the preserver of the Universe), whose existence was beyond human comprehension. Some movements with Pyatt can be found in traditional Indian dance, so much a martial art associated with the culture of the country.

The name of the Kalari Pyatt consists of two words: «Kalari» means the place of the battle or training, «Pyatt» the skill, practice. The technique of Kalari Pato was born from the observation of movements 8 fierce animals: elephant, lion, tiger, horse, boar fighting, fighting cock, Buffalo and Cobra. The basis of the Kalari Payattu are 4 types of exercises: Kai Sadhaka (Sadhaka), Kal Sadhaka (foot), pakar chacal Sadhaka (jumping based on force breathing), may Sadhaka (Sadhaka body).

As in the Kalari Pyatt being used cold arms, masters, of which is called Ashan (and it has nothing to do with shopping), and even taught medicine Siddha.

9. Silat

This martial art originated in the tribes of ruthless bounty hunters of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Silat encompasses many different styles.

According to legend, the foundations of Pencak-Silat was laid by some girl from the Islands of Sumatra, accidentally saw a fight between a tiger and a huge bird. Remembering the movements of animals it is several times used in the future against her husband, who loved to give strong svistula. Later Silat moved to the island of Java, where he joined the Thai martial art Krabi Krabong and Burmese form of martial arts, Bonsai. A warm trading relationship with Japan has brought Pencak Silat elements of karate, Tessa-Jutsu and so-Jutsu.

Nowadays Silat is practiced by some Malay military units, as well as noble pirates of the South China sea.

10. Okecie

Is one of the few surviving Indian martial arts. It was founded by George Lepine, who has studied judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and were well versed in fighting with a stick and a Tomahawk.

Okichitaw – a mixture of fierce, ruthless Indian grinder with time-tested Asian martial arts. As in Aikido, even if the fighter’s unarmed strikes are thus, as if he had one. For example, the hand follows the movement of the Tomahawk, feet and spears. And, of course, great attention is given to knives. Because any Indian without a knife? How else to remove the scalp with the white oppressors?

11. Grappling

A fairly young martial art, which appeared in the oil Arab Emirates and carries the equipment of all wrestling disciplines with the minimum restrictions on use of painful and suffocating receptions. You can not use weapons, just the basics, inherited from the Brazilian JIU-jitsu, Freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, Catch wrestling, Sambo and other martial arts. Entertaining even and shape: tight tight shorts and a short sleeved shirt, so God forbid not to be hooked. Tellingly, in grappling no punches. It is a struggle, but very, very cruel.

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