Marshmallow-chocolate burgers


Remember, the recipe for a delicious greasy hot dogs, swallow and digest that only the strongest of us? So, today you’re in for something absolutely incredible! Namely: a wonderful combination of sweet, salty and fried. So, if you are once again going to puzzle over than to fill the stomach, sandwich or chocolate, we facilitate flour of your choice. Why divide these wonderful products?! Here’s two recipe marshmallow-chocolate burgers that will put your taste buds to a standstill and delight the stomach.

Recipe No. 1


    • lean ground beef – 500 g;
    • a few pieces of dark chocolate;
    • marshmallow;
    • crackers.



1. Gently place a piece of chocolate for stuffing.

For the sake

2. And make of this meat pies with a surprise.


3. For convenience, put on skewers, marshmallows, and then bake the marshmallows in the oven until Golden brown. Cooking time completely depends on the quality of the product, so you have to focus on the eyes. Similarly, do with meat envelopes.


4. And now the time has come to gather together the pieces of the future masterpiece! Take four crispy Graham crackers, break them into pairs and get cookies using marshmallows. As you have already guessed that this will serve as a «bun» for our Burger. Then you will place between them our pot roast with chocolate and enjoy the result.

Recipe No. 2


    • lean ground beef – 500 g;
    • a few pieces of dark chocolate;
    • marshmallow;
    • crackers;
    • the bun for the Burger.


1. On this special thing for special people! Break chocolate into several pieces and, as in the first recipe, ultrambuy it into the meat. Salt the meat and then send this cutlet in the oven. Cook it for 15 minutes at a temperature of 170 Celsius.

2. Open the oven and put a few marshmallows on top of the meat. Wait until the marshmallows are well browned, and then turn off.

3. Cut in half the bun for the Burger and put the top favorite cookies, if only it came in size and was no more bread.


4. Put a loaf of bread is a sticky marshmallow madness…

5. Top – another biscuit and half of the bread.


6. Dude, trust me, you won’t learn anything about life if you don’t try this shit! And we hope that you have a strong stomach.

Bon appétit, dude!

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