Marshall Fridge — refrigerator &

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What could be cooler a rock ‘ n ‘ roll? — it’s a whole era! We can confidently say that every thing which is somehow related to the subject year, of course, wildly cool. Specifically this thing is still as cool!

In front of you, a friend, Marshall Fridge refrigerator in the form of a legendary amplifier manufacturer Marshall. It is made under license, so it is not only absolutely real logo, identical fabric upholstery and a white edge running around the perimeter, but the control panel is wildly similar to the real instrument panel of the amplifier. You just imagine: you come to friends, see this wildly stylish, amplifier, and when you open it gives everybody a beer. This is awesome!

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Beer for such a refrigerator is the best drink, of course, it is possible to arrange and a mini-bar, but storing cheese, butter, milk and sausages we recommend: sin, dude!

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To buy a refrigerator for $ 400.

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