Marry a bridge, or all women in the country

Look how sensitive cities!Look how sensitive cities!

No, my friend, women are strange, really! Not only that, they are one of those drinks that we order, decide what kind of people we are. So more recently… one I married. But it seems to be OK, only her husband — cities. Ancient hell, the French bridge. Jodie Rose — ordinary artist from Australia, who traveled around the world to find the beautiful bridge. Passion to have a girl like that!

The girl saw a huge number of bridges around the world and one day stumbled in their journey to the French bridge of the XIV century with the beautiful name Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Céret, or in Russian the Devil’s Bridge. The bridge is located in the South of France.

Roses in all seriousness fell in love with an ancient architectural monument and took advantage of his position: he called to marry. Cities, unfortunately, was not able to refuse, and then mumbled something how these guys are losers . And the girl went and marry old man, who is older than her 600 years.

The ceremony was attended by official authorities and 14 guests. What attracted Jodi this bridge? «Devil’s bridge has all the qualities I could wish for a man: strong, reliable, sensual, kind and beautiful,» she added.

And he is an excellent listener, we add from myself. And will turn a blind eye to all the insults. Oh Yes, he has no eyes.

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