Mark Zuckerberg is a genius, dropped out

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2014_bGthGXpmnzrRcIt is strange that on our website there is still no articles about that specific person. Correct this unfortunate omission! Of course, the Creator of the first successful social network Facebook and the youngest billionaire in history deserves a place in our walk of heroes. And not just because he dropped out and then have his story can help some people to select for themselves a valuable life lesson.

Interesting, but mark is really unusual. Not only was he fond of programming which brought him money and fame, but also found time for a vast number of other Hobbies. The guy knows how to fence, studying ancient languages, actively interested in history and psychology.


The future billionaire grew up surrounded by girls, he was the only male among the four children in the family of dentist and psychiatrist. But the guy did not bother, because 10 years gave him the PC Quantex 486DX on the Intel 486 and in those days it was a great working machine, all my friends were jealous. Surprisingly, the emergence of new toys made Mark feel almost grown up, and even then Zuckerberg seriously thought about how to connect their life with computers. Mark began to read books on programming, but almost nothing is understood. The guy was persistent to small and began to actively work to understand how to create programs using strings of code. For a young 10-year-old boy programming was like magic. In the field of writing programs, mark has made an impressive progress. In high school, he created several programs and even nakodil computer game on motives of the Board game Risk. First Mark did not represent special interest, because in those years the programming has become a very popular hobby among the younger generation male. Such a simple program could do every stupid student who was interested in math and coding. But here’s the Synapse program was very interesting finding for the time. The application was standard at first glance mp3 player. But the «trick» is that Synapse was able to generate playlists on their own, having studied the preferences of the owner of the computer. Unusual soft interested, neither more nor less, Microsoft, and search the INTERNET. Think about what you can dream young and an unknown Mark Zuckenberg? But the guy with unclear reason, rejected their proposals for joint work and cooperation.

Also strange that mark chose to study at Harvard University is not a programming Department, and all of a sudden friends and family, Department of psychology. The programming guy was thrown, attended computer courses and actively kodil for yourself. Business life Zuckerberg was allocated much more time than learning. However, saving rationalization mind Brand. Once guy for the history exam we had to study the history of 500 large paintings. Like any adequate student mark began to prepare two days before delivery. Instead of tearing out my hair and promptly read everything, our hero created a website, posted there 500 photos and asked all his companions to prokomentirovat each canvas. Pieces of scattered information, as mark understood, remembered much faster to hold large volumes, so Zuckerberg has passed the bar.


Our hero is very fond of interesting jokes. The guy wrote a program that randomly selects two photos of Harvard students from the personal files contained in the internal computer network of the University. The whole point of the app was that the user needed to determine which of two randomly selected students the most sexy. Clearly, the program was a great success. However, such a glory Zuckerberg was side: the server is Harvard because of the huge traffic to the site fell. The boy received a disciplinary action. But thanks to this interesting and unusual experience of our hero understood in what direction to move.

The brand was lucky in the 2000s was not social networks, the Internet infrastructure was not as intricate as in the modern world. Wasn’t Twitter, Tumblr, was, even «In contact» was not. In 2004, along with his friends Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitam with the financial support of the student Eduardo Saverin mark rivet of the famous website Facebook. The network has become popular among students of Harvard, who liked to add friends, view photos and leave comments. By using this website, students assessed students, monitored the personal lives of each other and doing the same things usually play regulars social networks. Facebook was written in the week after Mark visited a good idea. For a short period of time the site was visited by not only students of Harvard, but also a huge number of other people. The first users was terribly indignant with the transformation of the personal social network of University, something big, but then I used to. The social network also helped students to pass exams. Once mark cunning got the answers to test and sent them around the faculty.

Zuckerberg spent on your project almost all their own money. He even invested the money that parents have saved for his education. This seems like a crazy idea, but always worth a try, right? The lack of funds to pay Harvard was one of several reasons why the guy decided to quit his studies at the faculty of psychology. However, as recently admitted mark, he regrets that once made.


Our hero went to Silicon valley, where he was able to interest his project of people with tight wallets. A meeting with Sean Parker, a prominent figure in the sphere of high technologies, has given young talent the opportunity to meet with the right people. Parker introduced Zuckerberg to Peter Rear, the co-founder of PayPal. A short conversation with the businessman was enough to red-haired guy was given the opportunity for career growth and… 500 thousand dollars. It was after this Zuckerberg has written a statement on academic leave. Until the end of 2004, users in the social network had over a million in a year their number exceeded 5 million, and Facebook was the seventh most popular website in America. In 2007, Microsoft purchased 1.6% of Facebook shares of the company for the sum of 240 million dollars. Guys it was difficult to come up with new methods of generating income from the website, until they opened in 2009, the source code for writing programs for Facebook.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg a very rich man, he behaves very modestly. Rents apartment, dressed in worn jeans and t-shirts, drives a Volkswagen Golf GTI and prefers shoes sandals on his bare feet. Interestingly, mark is still behaving like a student. Once he was supposed to meet with the managers of Microsoft, at eight o’clock in the morning, but Zuckerberg refused under the pretext that at this time he prefers to sleep.

Special reason to envy the young and stupid billionaire is that mark is married to the lovely aziatochka, which is the doctor of medical Sciences. According to data For 2013, the personal fortune of Mark Zuckerberg is estimated at $19 billion, the Official salary is $ 1.

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