Mark territory: what can I do with a woman in public

In my life I met only one couple that did not show affiliation to each other in front of other people: they don’t even hold hands. I don’t know why they have happened, may have been together too long or was a terrible puritans. Unlike those guys, all the other couples tend to show feelings in front of other people. It’s not snot, more precisely, not only them, but also that physical contact becomes a part of everyday life. You used to sleep in the same bed? For the same reason you used to be next to each other, hold hands and fuck knows what else. However, some guys and girlfriends, sometimes go too far and make others tactfully vomit somewhere in a corner, because it is difficult to restrain retching from the sight of the two copulating almost people. What is acceptable for normal dudes, and for students who just gained access to the female body?

Holding hands


Take a friend by the hand when foreign people to lead it in a certain direction or just to feel her presence, is a good thing, no one will pay attention. It’s not as intimate a gesture to the surrounding frowned and looked at each other, but it is simple enough to determine your status as a couple. Here should not even hesitate.


Satisfactory, but in certain limits

As a greeting, a kiss is quite acceptable for any average couple. Here, of course, it all depends on personal preference and the environment, and when you’re in a working environment that is without it is certainly possible to do. For example, the friend clearly expects you to kiss her at a meeting in a cafe or restaurant, but if you quickly brought her to work the folder, which she left at home, this moment can be lost. The key moment for a kiss in public — its short duration and, of course, no languages. BUE.

A Declaration of love


All tell each other these three words, moreover, this happens already just alone and without prying eyes. To speak in public «I love you» is unacceptable in almost any situation, except holidays, visits in hospital and other shit out of emotional moments. Under any circumstances don’t do it in front of your friends, because… well, why?!

Babies and kitties


How do I hate this habit some couples! If she doesn’t have a nickname, which is known to all, it is not necessary to call it to the public by any other words, except her own name. All these cats, fish, swallows, fur seals, penguins, and enigmachka kiteki — sane people around you don’t want to have to this fauna irrelevant. The last thing I want to know what my friend calls a guy with a bear, and he is sweet. Shut your mouths, both of you, and see that from the molasses they have not stuck! Maybe you will find it difficult to follow the language, but still try to keep this nonsense to a minimum, so that no one in the company is not, contorted face.

To babysit her


When you want to do something for her — that’s fine, even good: that is the fortress of your relationship. Unfortunately, two adults who are feeding each other with spoons and wipe each other’s mouth with a napkin — not the most pleasant sight, it can bring even the strongest stomach. Grab her a drink from the bar — another thing, this is the most banal gentleman, as to put on her his jacket when she’s cold. But, I agree, it is difficult to confuse with exaggerated care as if she were a baby. They also include all sorts of baby talk (maybe even going to call the car bibical?), and diligently cared for her like she’s a bedridden invalid.

The invasion of personal space

Acceptable, but with reservations

When you were in school, put your hand on the back of the sofa behind her was meant to show intimacy, but what now? All this is possible, but looks not very presentable. Probably bothers her that you’re always hovering over her, and one wrong move could mean for you injury. Grow up, or something.

Spanking on the ass

Acceptable, but I would not recommend it

Team sports have taught men that slap on the behind is a positive rating for a good game: I always see the basketball gently hit each other on the floor. But one thing a game and another relationship with a woman. If a slap on the ass has no sexual connotation, it defines it as «satisfactory» if she’s not offended, and sit at a nearby table of old ladies do not roll their eyes. Still sometimes it’s better to lighten up and put a hand on the table.

In General, the Golden rule — to behave to you, the pleasure was mine to look at ourselves. If you disgusting to watch, when the guy literally hangs his hand on the girl’s neck, it is not necessary to do the same. And it is easier, and you have a clear conscience, and no passerby will be no more puke in your direction.

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