Marilyn Manson: Against humanity

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2015_QJsfGHpyitjrsSome clichés will not get never: «Manson is the pervert who snatched his ribs to himself OTS…?» Hell, just get on with it! Let’s find out what the fuck is this guy and why he is almost fifty years old, and he is still releasing cool albums that don’t seem jaded shit.

Marilyn Manson, Brian Warner, has generated around itself a lot of rumors, which could not appear when he fought against the Christian community one of the most conservative societies in the world – the Christian fundamentalists of the United States of America. But inflammatory fever, which is heated by the flame of hate different kinds of white trash in the formative years of Manson was on his hand. This, as well as friendship with one of the most famous and coolest musicians of the industrial Trent Razmerom helped Warner in the shortest possible time to reap the fruits of a real life rock star, with all that «sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.»

All that was before the release of the album «Antichrist Superstar» in the life of our hero can be read in his autobiography «the Long hard road out of Hell», where you will find the details of the time of the perverted nature of the strange and unusual personality.

I know my grandfather wore transvestite clothing under usual, when they drove the truck. My father just recently told me that a show with driving a truck was just a cover for the sale of pornography. I said, «Dad! My book could be so much fucking more interesting if you would have told me sooner!» He told me to write another.The era of «Antichrist Superstar», the name was inspired by the famous rock Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim rice, is a rapid rise in the career of a musician. Frankly satanic symbolism and rebellion, which announced Manson to the American society, was seen so rapidly as it was possible. Many mystical references, as well as the concept of the album made the work a subject of debate.

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2015_g1Mj6i5CPy5CLNext we hear what is called creativity. Each entry is completely different from the previous as the concept and content oriented. For example, is considered an unsuccessful release, «Eat Me, Drink Me» by the musician recognized as a record is purely personal, in that moment, he was going through a breakup with his famous girlfriend and erotic model Dita von Teese. Disc inherent to the messy sound, as well as broaching a solo party, so alien to modern groups. But the move away from personal life, besides now Manson is except that two of his cats in between tightening of cocaine with Scotch taped to the wall.

There are some moments in the life of this person who left a clear imprint of suffering. One of them, and probably the most important is the so-called «Columbine Massacre» that occurred in 1999. The famous episode of modern news when two teenagers, stuffed with various weapons, staged a mass shooting at his school. 13 people were killed, 23 were wounded, the killer later shot himself too, adding to the list of the dead.

Such attacks occur everywhere and at different times, but how this event could relate to Marilyn Manson? The fact that these two Teens found the records among others, and his group. A massive campaign against these musicians, and our hero got more than others. Concerts were forbidden by the government, if this could not be done, the parent committees sometimes tickets redeemed at the box office venues.

Similar resistance from the public it was before, but it was not directed so much because of the absence of a significant reason. Now, the reason appeared.

The artist, meanwhile, promptly responded to the criticism by publishing the essay «Columbine: Whose fault is it?» in the magazine » rolling stone.

This kind of scandals do not help me sell records or tickets, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I a controversial artist because I dare to have an opinion and trying to create music and videos that challenge human notions in this spread and devastated world. In my work I examine the America we live in, and I’ve always tried to show people that the devil we blame for their atrocities on is really just one of us. The storm abated, but still in his interviews Brian often recalls this episode in his career.

Now it is impossible to put Manson in any was the scope. Today, he is a shock rocker, tomorrow – the artist, and after reading poetry by William Blake and then takes part in various film projects as an actor, as a composer, that is, the man already is on a higher level than just «there is such a musician».

For the last time he managed to be in the shoes of a loved one in the TV series «Sex and California», where he met with a new producer for their new album, in the image of head of a gang of skinheads in the TV series «Sons of Anarchy» (for this role he drank himself a prison tattoo from Russia) are also very cool teenager (Yes, teenager!), got in trouble in the film by French Director Quentin Dupie, «Wrong Cops».

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2015_edeJ3NdbqvZVyHe is not playing music and regularly delivers us a new album. The last two have been adequately considered by critics and showed the shock-rocker just on the other side. This year he released the CD «the Pale Emperor», which by tradition was leaked online before the appointed time. New way tired rock stars was successfully received. Music tends to be more early stuff, but unchanged in recent years «Bluetooth».

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