Marching furnace

We told you how to make grilled beer can. Now is the time for cans of larger caliber.


You will need:

large metal cans;

small cans (tuna fish or canned dog);

corrugated cardboard;

wax or paraffin;

small candles for the cake;

metal shears;

ordinary scissors;

bottle opener.

1. Manufacturer of burner

Cut cardboard strip, the width corresponding to the height of the small banks. Roll up the strip and put it in the Bank. In random order between layers of cardboard, and place the candle, then melt the wax or paraffin and pour contents of the jar. Leave the burner to cool.





2. Metal

From the open edge of the banks cut something like a door where you place the burner. Using scissors and openers togni cut out and 6 holes around the perimeter of the upper end of the canister as shown in the photo. Put the burner on the bottom of the jar. The stove is ready!



3. Measures

You can use the resulting oven for making toast, eggs and anything else. But before you use it, be sure to bear in mind that to touch the «on» plate is possible only through a thick cloth, folded several times or using a special glove-mitts. And extinguish the burner you can use the top part of the plate as shown in photo.




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