Man to man: the best quotes by Ron Swanson

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_nrYXFSdNBlxkyThe modern world is bad with heroes to be proud of. In the news we see all sorts of garbage on the street would most who spit on everyone and everything, and the house… the House we see the weak, even in the mirror. Don’t think that we fell in seaside madness. Just we and myself would like to see more strong, courageous and determined. People who stand firmly on their feet, not hand over positions and have principles. Unfortunately, living examples, not so much. We have to focus on fictional characters, but it does not matter when we are talking about such giants as Ron Swanson from the TV series «Parks and recreation».Never heard about real people, but tells the fictional Ron? How to be a man.

Start finally to do everything myself!

You can call the plumber that you had fixed the sewer. Can you pay for furniture Assembly wardrobe. You can do nothing at all, throwing their responsibilities on other people. But is that the way a man does? I don’t think. A man must be able to work with his hands and head. Just because he will be in charge of the family. Let it be banal, but it is better we be something to do with his hands than the helpless suckers who are everywhere asking for help.

About lying

There’s only one thing I hate more than lying. Skim milk. It’s just water pretending to be milk.The phrase, of course, is not about milk, but still about lies. You can call a lying boyfriend husband? So, between his legs, as before, will hang out reproductive organ, but if he’s lying, isn’t he like an imitation man? If he can’t answer for their words, promises, fishy, unless he has the right to be called a man? Ron Swanson is convinced that there is.

Relative mass insanity

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_CaD38BI1PwCb4Swanson whole life doing what I wanted to do — played saxophone, worked with wood, he loved women. ‘ve passed it all the «Star wars», «Lord of the Rings,» «Game of Thrones» and much more. He lost something from this? I don’t think. Quite the contrary — the time he lost. Not for us to tell you how to spend free time, but there is something to ponder.

«You should exercise»

– Ron, you do sports?

Yes, love and woodworking.In a country where every second is crossfit, it is a sin to say that sports do not have to be a man. You can get big slap from fans of the bench press and squats. But if you don’t see the point in treadmills and multiple weight lifting in the company of sweaty men, then you don’t have to do it. To be «in shape» enough for you minimum list of exercises. The rest is a matter of taste and desire. Don’t like to swing, but swinging all around? Forget it and do other things, sex for example.

Regarding internal unsolved problems

– There is mental illness in the family?

– I have an uncle who does yoga.Today constantly come across the healthy and adult men who always flaunt their problems. They have depression, they have an anxiety issue, even some attack will penetrate their skull. Sometimes it seems that the problem of the artificiality of most of these problems. That now every second person wants to consider themselves special, with a swarm of locusts in the mind that causes suffering. Ron Swanson refers to all psychological problems is easier — it doesn’t. But if someone is trying to convince him otherwise, the matter is likely in his money. The man keeps his mind sober, without distraction.

Of cowardice

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_BOGeqxBV4ZEe0People are not born brave. If a person has no sense of fear, then most likely he’s just an idiot, which bypassed the evolutionary process. Courage is brought up as soon as obstacles come up asking for certain actions that are not compatible with the indent. Remember that, stepping back once, you can start to retreat all his life. Don’t be a coward.

Keep your adventures to yourself

– Sex life?

– An incredible and personal.Seriously, stop talking about his «achievements». We still don’t believe you, and if you believe, then spare girls who hoped to leave it a secret, thinking that you are a man, not son of a bitch. Personal life, no matter how cool she was, should remain private, otherwise it loses its meaning and begins to rot from the inside.

Learn to relax

Work is certainly good, especially if it brings pleasure, but for the rest you should have time. Swanson loves fishing is a good, soothing action. Also find yourself some hobby which will help you to get out of the house, and teach you to breathe the pure air of nature and to hold something heavier than a TV remote.

Take care of your life, not someone else’s

The less I know about other people’s Affairs, the happier. I don’t feel the joy of caring about other people. Once I worked with one guy for three years and don’t know… Best friend for life! We still never talk sometimes.Your company is the silent husband who nor what you are asking is not interested in your life? And do not shows any interest to you? Appreciate it! Perhaps this was the same nice guy who talks less, but makes more.

About the government

Poradi.s. ua_12.09.2016_tkwcgbLO5ulrNJust before the election. Already know who you’re voting for? Or maybe fuck it? Seriously, do you really think that government workers make your life better? Well, well… Perhaps we look at it from the outside, drinking with Ron Swanson of single malt whiskey.

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