Man found on his forehead a screwdriver… but not immediately.

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Of course, there is much to joke about the fact that these people have no problems with the brain, so the brain is not. But we won’t make fun of it ,but just tell the story of a guy from Poland.

This 25-year-old boy, who wanted to remain anonymous quietly worked in his garden, suddenly fell. Who doesn’t? Got up, dusted himself off, got in the car to go for. Suddenly, our hero saw in the rearview mirror of his forehead, which was peacefully stuck the screwdriver. It is worth noting that the man was nervous, he lit a cigarette and asked a neighbor to call an ambulance. Here they are — nerves of steel.

The tip of the screwdriver broke in the head by 5 centimeters. Fortunately, the brain is not touched. Doctors for three hours was removed from the head of the unfortunate screwdriver. All went well, the man will soon recover. SO, my friend, he is now sure to be something to tell your children.

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