Male or Female


Fun fact, men and women, despite the many differences and struggle of contradictions that all come together and coexist. Of course, not in all cases, but in the meantime, so we are organized in different ways, but for each other. By the way, the differences between a man and a woman is much more than it might seem at first glance. Well, the most important difference you already know us, but some may have not heard.

  1. We higher. The average growth of women — 164 cm, us — 167 cm
  2. Our brains are 13% heavier than women, but the blood supply to them more actively.
  3. Women are more actively developed right hemisphere, which is responsible for associative thinking, we left, and it is responsible for logical thinking (well, now everything is clear about women’s logic).
  4. Women simultaneously has two hemispheres, we have alternately. For this reason, we cannot think simultaneously about different things: «call mom back shoes cream after waxing who is to blame» — is available to us, but we can easily beat them in chess.
  5. Men have 2 times more sweat glands, that’s why women are not as smelly, but they have two times more often migraine (maybe all those times when she refers to headache — this is not a trick to get out of sex?..).
  6. The vocal cords of women are shorter than men, that’s why they are chattier than we are.
  7. Our heart beats 70 times per minute, the faster women — 85.
  8. We breathe a stomach, and female breast.
  9. Among men two times more lefties.
  10. The woman on 15% more fat, we have 20% more muscle mass.
  11. Women have a stronger immune system and they are 1.5 times more resistant to infections, whether the flu or anthrax. But we, having a weaker immune system, less likely to suffer autoimmune disease of type multiple sclerosis.
  12. Women have 10% more nerve endings on the skin.
  13. If the kill her husband, the blood will be increased by approximately 1.5 times.
  14. The body temperature of men by 0.2 of a degree higher than women.
  15. In the female body In 6 times more gold, and they still, apparently, feel inspired, and they still hung outside.
  16. Orgasm. Here it’s women grabbed a piece of cake. In addition, they have two types of orgasm — vaginal and clitoral, and it still lasts up to 5 minutes, whereas our is limited to 3-5 seconds, in rare case, 8 seconds.
  17. Women get aroused much slower than men. In order not to scatter their eggs on unfinished mutants, and fertilized with the sperm of the best producers, nature has built into the system of women a slowly growing sexual arousal. That is why it is important setting, foreplay, affection, etc. About sex the woman thinks the still head, and not the place in which we are engaged.

No matter how different we were, no matter what war of the sexes were not, we can still fall into the trap of each other, and it’s not so bad, agreed.

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