Male grooming: how to care for hair and beard

When it comes to hair care and other vegetation on rough male face, the opinions are divided. Some people believe that a man shouldn’t even think about it. Cosmetics for men? Hair care? Are you talking about, guys?! The frustration is easy to understand, because society has long cultivated the idea that men do not have to monitor their appearance and health as women do. He can eat anything, drink anything, and it’s still not what. It has played a cruel joke with us, because not many Russian man lives, when compared with other European countries.With the hair problem. No one at all thinks about them. And those who think «metrosexuals». But really there is nothing wrong if you don’t want to be bald-ass like VIN Diesel, in his twenty. There is nothing wrong, if you want to properly, adequately and accurately look. It’s all style and image, they help you at work and in your personal life, and you yourself like in the mirror to watch. And boring us breaking the myths say: for hair care don’t need to spend too much time, but the output still needs to be. We have already written separately about how to care for your beard, mustache, how to choose a hairstyle, but now before you complete, a General guide.


Not all wear a mustache or beard, but the hair on the head of almost everyone. And long hair is now no surprise. But the longer the hair, the more you need to carefully treat them. However, hair care men is not much different from hair care for women.

There are some basic rules that are viable for hairy dudes.

Scratching your head

On our head, you know, grow the hair follicles. And they need regular blood flow for better growth. What you need to do in the first place? Of course, to comb the head. Do it at least 2 times a day, for example, after brushing your teeth. A matter of minutes, and the benefits significant. Also blood flow can cause regular head massage. You can ask your friend. Forget about acute combs. They are not going to benefit. When you scratch the scalp, it secretes excessive amounts of sebum, which clogs the pores and interferes with the normal life of a hair. So choose a comb that is composed of natural bristles and be sure to regularly my. If during combing your too smart skull you feel a pleasant tingling, that means doing everything right. In General, the theme of combing hair is big enough, but to worry about it not worth it. Just use the instructions described above, that is enough.

Cold and heat

Here everything is simple and as taught mom. You love the air, the hair also love air, and they need to breathe. For this reason, it is not worth all the time to wear a hat, especially if it’s an acceptable temperature. In the rain, use an umbrella, but when the streets were bitter cold, then a hat. It is strange that such ordinary things to speak, but even these truths abide reluctantly. And temperature fluctuations are bad for your head and hair too.

Choose a hat all the rules: it must not compress your head, it should not be excessively warm. All this leads to excessive sweating of the head, and hence, a greater number of dandruff. You should also regularly clean your hat. However, about the caps we have already written.


Purity is everything. And if you want to own a lion’s mane, like the glam rockers of the 80s, you have to take care of the cleanliness of hair. But they are easily contaminated and this is it. On the scalp intensely Horny scales accumulate, stand out products of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Add to that the smog of cities, the mud of the streets and the dust that surrounds us everywhere. If you do not care, it is easy to lose its hairiness. First, the hair will begin to change color, becoming duller, then lost healthy Shine, and then they will start to fall. But if the hair won’t penetrate enough air, be prepared for the fact that the head you scopetta generations of microbes that will begin to evolve.

Good shampoo for men – weight in gold. So it is better to find one which will moisturize and nourish and strengthen your hair. Pay attention to the active ingredients. If there is an extract of Goji or Australian lemon Myrtle, this is what you need.Wash your hair systematically. However, it is believed that frequent washing of hair – a thing harmful. And it’s partly true. If your hair is healthy, my them thoroughly (with shampoo) once a week 1. If the fierce heat, you can wash 2 times a week.

Moreover, we describe the main recommendations for different hair type:

– Greasy hair. Use special shampoo for oily hair and my head more often than is customary. My them in a day or two. Also recommend much less likely to use hair styling: gels, waxes, creams, polishes, because of the already greasy hair even more greasy.

– Dry hair. Problematic hair type, I’m sorry if you have such. Constantly broken so whipped. After washing, try not to influence them mechanically (hot hair dryer is turned off), use different balms, which give elasticity to the hair.

– Normal hair. If you’re lucky. You have a healthy glow, your hair well-Yes, even the fit. Use shampoos, conditioners, gels, waxes as you want. The truth, of course, choose products marked «for any type of hair» or «for normal hair».


For each event, whether a party with a friend or an official visit to Beijing, need some corresponding haircut. It is impossible to look, for example, at a business event just as you look Sunday night on his sofa. Therefore, an important styling, you go to the hairdresser every couple of days at least strange for the guy.

But to be able to style your hair, you need to have a certain degree of skill and a little knowledge. You first need to choose a gel (take it as example). Gels are different from each other, usually on density and strength of fixation. Color and aroma don’t really matter, it’s more of a shell, a matter of taste, hair does not affect. Most gels applied with your fingers, but there are sprayers. Thick gel is good because it perfectly captures the hair. If you like to slick your hair back, it would be perfect for you Long stability, even in strong winds. Average fixation makes the hair hard, suitable for short haircuts, various «hedgehogs» and the like. A weak locking will be suitable for guys who want to create an image of a surfer on the West coast of Australia.

If you have long hair and you want to feel free, this foaming gel is your choice. Before you begin installation, you need to wash your hair. Be sure to use conditioner to make it easier to work with the head on. Air conditioning, frankly, generally should be used when shampooing. Do not wipe the head dry, you need to leave a little moisture. Next, take a can of gel. Open it and two fingers scoops up the gel. The hand itself needs hvatanut required amount of gel. Lightly spread it on my palms and begin to RUB the head. If your hair is long, take more gel, if short, some less. One standard banks on average lasts about a month or two, if not try every day, but to use regularly.

After applying the gel put desired hair. You can use a comb for even application of the gel. Still have to wait a bit so that the gel was finally fixed. Very true, if your gel does not contain alcohol. The most common mistake that we see from dudes that have just started to use the gel – applying too much. Some people just don’t know the steps, just like Cologne. Dude, if you poured a whole jar on his head, then something cool will come of it. Just remember that. Also it is well to understand the nature of your hair and do not skimp on the brand. If the gel causes discoloration or itchiness, then immediately flush it. Allergy is a serious thing not to be trifled with.


However, there is another nice thing for styling, in addition to the gel. And we call it the grease. We believe that the recent surge in popularity of this tool is quite justified. First, we all like the culture of the first half of the century. Men were men, and look stylish was in order. However, the grease appeared in 1900. That’s when the perfumer Edouard Pinaud presented at the world Expo in Paris its product brilliantin, which is needed to soften the hair and beard. When the perfume became the industrial rails, the grease was pushed out different gels and varnishes. But the wheel of history, apparently, was back.

If you want to burn at the stylish antiquity, then pay attention to the selection of grease. Made according to traditional recipes, but seasoned with all kinds of «spicy» pleasures.

And that’s good, because grease does not dry the hair. It in its composition is significantly more pleasant for lovers of all natural, as in the manufacture of grease, as a rule, use natural fats and oils. Besides, it is quite a long shelf life without losing its consistency and color. Yes, and by itself classic glitter grease looks cool, unusual and old-school. Just remember the old things of Elvis Presley and the eternal values of city of villains the 50’s. and use grease, of course, is a kind of ritual for those of us who are not alien to the vintage. By the way, see the same film with John Travolta, you will not regret.


Another great tool for hair. Suitable for mustache and beard, by the way. Compares favorably to grease the fact that he, as a rule, the more serious the degree of fixation. Is hard, what should I heat it with a Hairdryer. Also, unlike grease, wax has a matte effect. The luster is lost, allowing you to use the wax for styling, not only before the party, but also to a serious business meeting. And you need quite a small amount of wax to distribute it over the entire head. Use the comb to ensure that the distribution went smoothly.

Beard and mustache

The hype around beards is gradually eroding, but because you finally can certainly grow it. Not for fashion or style, but simply because you want to. Still, in our opinion, the beard is the norm for the guy. And now it has captured almost the entire world. Even Gopnik of the entrances begin to grow some facial hair. But you’re not an elder of the closed monastery, and therefore not enough to grow a beard, it needs care.

Of course, the care of the beard depends on the distribution of the vegetation on your face, how often she actually appears there. The type of hair of your beard is also important. Some things you just can’t do, because nature is against it. If you started to grow a beard, don’t rush to cut and dub. Wait till it grows back at least 5 inches (the normal length, in order to be able to experiment with the form), and then podrovnyal at the jawline and give it a shape.

To cut the beard should be in different directions to remove protruding hair. Split ends should be removed even if you want to grow a really long beard like ZZ Top musicians. The beard and hair should be brushed. An unwritten rule is: «Wherever the wind blew, your beard needs to be one.» This means first of all that hair line needs to go around in one direction. For this, in addition, can use wax. He helps direct hair growth in the right for you side. Great help from the syndrome of «sticking a beard.»

My beard, as it follows: every morning and every evening. The cleanliness should be, if not perfect, is decent. Use the same shampoo that you wash your hair. Air conditioning also does not hurt.

Shaving product

Don’t grab the first available tool from the shelf of the store. If you want to grow a good beard, then try to find something fairly sterile and tightens pores. The moisturizing effect also will not be superfluous. And, of course, try to do without heavy fragrances. Nothing specific to recommend, as it was convinced that means shaving is a very individual stuff. And time product that is much cheaper, is much better than the extremely limited and high quality product. Skin reaction is very different.

Oil for beards

Another very important aspect for any bearded man. Good oil strengthens hair, protects beard from dirt and that was very nice, from the appearance of dandruff. Now there are many varieties of oils for beards, but it is best to find one that does not contain any dyes or smell. Choose the right oil not only promotes hair growth but also revitalizes the facial skin.

Oil for beards is so important, how important is it for the rigors of oil trains passing through our vast and cold country.How to apply oil on the beard? Drip 5-8 drops in your hand, RUB the oil between your palms, allowing him to heat up and thus activate the active substance. To RUB should not only beard, but the skin beneath it, movements from the neck to the chin. You need to oil your beard every day if you want to achieve rapid growth. But don’t expect a miracle: miracles do not happen, there is only hard work on yourself.


Hope that you are useful our guide to your facial hair. But I want to add one piece of advice, without which none of the above will not work. If you want healthy hair, healthy and big beard, then you have to accustom themselves to regularity of care. You need to really follow most of your rules over and over again. From experience I say that all this adds to the hassle in everyday life, especially in the first month, but then turns into a healthy habit you don’t even notice how washing hands before eating. And if you make it painless to instill these healthy habits, then it’s in the bag, or rather the beard.

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