Male character in the interior

One wealthy Mullah Nasreddin was a very beautiful house with a luxurious garden, a few acres of green fields and even a swimming pool. But one day he got tired of it and Nasreddin decided to sell the house, taking advantage of his friend. Supposedly, this type of housing he is sick. Friend was like, look at apartments, and the next day gave a Declaration, in which detail painted the house and everything in it. The Mullah read the announcement. And then again, and again… In the end, he returned to a friend and said, «All bets are off! You described my home, I realized — that’s what I was looking for all my life.»


This parable, of course, about the benefits of a rich interior, but it will be helpful for you to understand — if something in your apartment does not suit you, you need to look at it from the other side. Sometimes a «change of scenery» enough to paint the walls, and sometimes completely change the decoration. In any case, it is important only that the house is fully answered your queries male queries.

The abode of men. not on the scattered socks and the meager assortment of refrigerator. No, there are a set of invisible but develop into one of the interior details and design that all scream: this is a bachelor pad. Despite the fact that these things are pretty individual, the formula for creating a «male apartment» still exists, and it’s not necessary to start a long repair before the end of which it will become clear that we need to redo everything again because the apartment is not a male, and quite the family.

Modern options allow you to create the interior as you like. Loft, minimalism, constructivism, country, ethnic, Victorian and art Nouveau — present ideal for someone who has good taste and wants to turn his den into the abode of the male spirit. And perhaps the real driver in this area was the art Deco, survived almost a century and is reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Including in itself a modernism, and neo-classical, this style embodies the maximalism of mankind and became the personification of the era of industrialization.In the days when jazz was still alive, and prohibition gave young Americans the opportunity to earn extra money smuggling major cities grew by leaps and bounds. Before the Second world war, Manhattan had become the paradigm of a new era, full of brave decisions and unusual ideas. Art Deco affected even revolver bullets, as characterized by a love of aerodynamics and fluid forms. His main quality was the sophistication, bordered by posturing. In General, this style was designed for «middle-class» thrown into the eyes of a dust solidity that after some time ceased to appreciate, because of which the gloss could be it, if it was every third. In Russia you can easily find the live architectural examples of the Soviet Union, the sight of which recalls the lines of a Christmas: «…this light house is its concrete mass…». In the sixties art Deco briefly returned to life, and then again in 2003. Now he is once again experiencing a Renaissance, absorbing cubism and futurism.

As we told the specialist design Studio «Sphere», architect-designer, member of Union of Moscow architects Boldyreva Ekaterina, the style of art Deco is always used in the treatment of primarily expensive natural materials: stone, wood, leather, suede. However, it can be used and very exotic things like shark skin or Stingray. For outdoor surfaces, it is better not to take more than the normal tiles, and ordered marble slabs, however, you need to choose carefully. Depending on the type of stone extraction can be some problems: it is best to take treated by stonecutter — no cracks. And carefully choose picture — art-Deco loves the geometry not only on the floor, but everywhere, so that there is no arbitrariness.

Generally, most of the interior should be solid and durable — stone sills, a stone mantel. Interesting fact: this is not an attempt to convey man’s character, and trends of those years when fashion was an archaeological expedition to Egypt, in particular, when it was discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Just look at the pictures to find similarities with cubic forms that was loved by the inhabitants of Mesopotamia. In terms of color variety, you can not worry about the ornaments of the stone are very different. You can focus on the mix of red and dark brown. This issue has remained since the days of jazz, in imitation of the exquisite piano keys.

The furniture, especially the Cabinet, should also be ascetic: the designer decided to stay on the cream and coffee shades, at the same time noting that the upholstery will fit most leather, suede or nubuck. It should be natural wood with rich texture (rosewood) or varnished surfaces. If you allow the height level, the ceiling can be done in several levels with concealed lighting — this is what our expert and came here at the same time, deciding to experiment a bit and adding to the standard colours (white, beige, brown) a bit of gold metal. For art Deco typical shiny steel and brass, and dark wood, with inlays.

In principle, this style is very light in terms of interior add-ons, as it can do without them, preferring minimalism and large furniture, which itself will fill the space. And, of course, to pollute such beauty extra mu stuff is just ignorant. The main feature of such design that it is more suited for country houses or spacious apartments — a healthy ambition here is the most important. In one of his stories the famous writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald recalled the era of art Deco as the «lost decade». Most likely, it was a nostalgic sadness, because in those days people dreamed like never before. Any thoughts in this situation is global and bold.

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