Make your wingman… woman

female wingman

I think women don’t know what it is with them we go to different tricks? I think they know this trick with the second pilot? I’m sorry to disappoint you: they all understand. So when do you think the co-pilot will help you and will paint you in the most favorable light, you’re wrong: despite his words, women will remember that this whole conversation is just another ploy to pay attention to you. As soon as they’ll reveal, you immediately disappear from their radar. In this sense, much more profitable, when your co-pilot — girl. You know why?

1. The second pilot is always distracting

This is because men, in principle, easily distracted. Once at the University of Amsterdam conducted the study while 20 men and 20 women performed simple tasks, their brain activity was analyzed machine. During the execution of the task and the others were shown photos of the opposite sex. The men were distracted, while women did not come off from the case. Scientists explain this man’s weakness for a pretty face primal: a pleasant appearance of the woman informs them of her fertility — what, you say, was the assignment?

2. They are not your competition

When you helps the co-pilot, it can negate all your efforts if he is very charismatic, charming, and you… it’s just you. What’s to stop the girl to look at you and your cute friend? If your co-pilot — girl, no hint of such trouble.

3. Women want to get what can’t have

People by nature are envious and prone to competition. When an attractive girl sees you in the society of other girls, at least it will awaken her interest. If the guy is in the company of a sweet girlfriend, this immediately makes it visible. The other girls begin to think (even if you don’t realize it): «Why is she with her? Why he likes her? Why does he like her?» — and finally: «I want too».

4. Women trust women more

Before you opt for guy, girls ask other girls. If you’re in the company of his friend, you automatically provide yourself with a good recommendation (only if your choice has not fallen on a girl who is the exception to the rule). If your interviewee during your conversation will approach the other girl and say, «Stay away from him» that’s going to work. Women usually share with each other practical advice if they are not in a feud.

5. You gain guarantee

When a woman sees you in the women’s society that tells her that you’re a pleasant companion and you have something to offer her. Seeing her husband in the company of his girlfriend, the girl will conclude that he knows how to deal with the fair sex. Girlfriend is a kind of indicator: women like you and at the same time not very aggressive. Plus, when you accompanied by a woman, it says you haven’t got to despair: all the desperate guys or hang out with the guys, or alone (unless you pay women for their company).

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