Make your marriage a little novelty: 4 ways to establish a relationship with his wife


Your marriage is like a routine and you don’t know how to establish relations with your wife? Studies show that after three years of marriage, many couples complain that the relationship has lost its freshness and become dull. It is therefore not surprising that most divorces occur within the first three years after marriage.

How to avoid boredom in marriage and, therefore, prevent a divorce? The answer is simple: pick a date your wife again and again.

Keep the flame

Remember what you felt when you were Dating your wife? Waiting wasn’t so heavy, you couldn’t wait to spend time with her. Then you could assign it a date, just to see how it looks today. You were nice to please her a nice dinner in the city centre or a nice little gift.

You can bring in your marriage, sharpness, returning the same feelings by Dating his wife. Marriage is like a flame. If the flame is not maintained, then the fire goes out; the marriage will die. To add to the marriage variety, do not need to plan more serious measures: small simple things will help not worse. Here are 4 simple ways that will help to refresh your marriage by Dating your wife.

The expression of love

You probably said to his wife: «I love you» hundreds of times a day when you just started to live together. After several years of marriage, some men within just a few days, but several weeks not to tell my wife that I loved her. Men are justified, not say to the wife, words of love, so show her your love to those that work hard, are good at keeping you family and help with the housework. Certainly, love can and should show through actions, but women need to hear words of love. For them, the words of love is a kind of spell.

When’s the last time you told your wife that she looks good, she’s beautiful? This is especially important to do when the wife is going somewhere. I walk into the boudoir of his wife while she soaks, several times, not because it is not able to take time and to tell my wife how well she takes care of herself and how beautiful she is. Even if you think that your wife looks «hot», she can’t read your mind. Open your mouth and tell her about your thoughts, give up false shame.

In addition to words of love, write little notes that Express your feelings. My wife loves when I leave her a short note or message on the cell phone, on e-mail about how beautiful she is or how much I love her. It shows your wife that you thought about her during the day and keep thinking all the time.


When in the old days you asked the wife for a date, then tried to act like a gentleman. Opened her door, offered her his jacket if she table. Do these things and now that you are married if you want to win her over. Most likely, this courtesy ended after only a few weeks after the wedding.

Courtesy is not limited only to courtship. Courtesy and consideration are as important to your wife, after marriage, as before. Every day do something kind and helpful for your wife. Open doors for her, pack her lunch, and always show up on time to the assigned period.


When was the last time you gave your wife something just because,no reason, only to surprise her again to please her? Small gifts will show your wife that you think about her, love her. Find a trinket that is sure to please, and buy it for her. If she likes flowers, let her from time to time receives them. Do not wait for occasion such as Valentine’s Day, to buy and to give his wife flowers. It will be ten times happier if you buy them just because you think about her.

Just do something that would be nice to her. For example, get until his wife came to listening to another complaint on life from his girlfriend.

Be careful with gifts: don’t give them only when they want to reach. I read a sad story about a woman who cried and screamed every time her husband brought home flowers because it meant that he only wanted to reach, only her body. Wife is not a prostitute, so don’t think of it as a soulless body, trying to buy her the location of the material things. Do gifts just to please her. If she’s happy, you reached the goal.

Be sure to spend time together

When you have just started to live together, you probably have appointed her goodbye every weekend. It may have been the Day of the Chukotka aviation or Bastille Day, but at least you clearly understand what you want to spend the whole evening with her. When was the last time you had a wife in the world to spend a romantic evening alone with her?

Think of a special day together, and consider as inviolable. When you’re planning the schedule for a week, spare time for visits from his wife. If a business meeting falls on that time, reschedule. If you have children, hire a babysitter. If you can’t afford a sitter, find another young couple with kids and offer to provide Babysitting services to each other in turn. They take your children while you and your wife go on a date, and you take their children when they go on their date.

Your evening does not have to be fancy. Even a trip to the ice cream shop can be a wonderful time spent together. The idea is to get out of the house and spend time together — just the two of us.

From time to time surprise your wife by planning a fancy evening. Women love it when men plan. Pick a restaurant that she likes, and order in this table. Choose the dress she should wear, and decomposed outfit for her on the bed. When the wife gets home from work or school, surprise her flowered door. She melts.

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