Make your dog even more useful!


Dogs and cats have one major disadvantage: they pollute his paws the floor of your house. Well, not to explain these things accessible, fun to run around the room, leaving paw prints everywhere, not very cool for you.

Use the run your Pets wisely, friend! For these purposes, some cunning and clever guys released a special cat — and pestpocken. Wear this set on a limb of his four-legged pet and give it freely to Polish the floors in the house. If you have on the floor is an expensive cover, dogs and cats will not scratch him with his claws — that’s it, an unquestionable advantage of these wonderful sneakers. Although we suspect that the first response of the animals to the new shoes would be a desperate attempt to remove this terrible delusion from their clutches.


Although the idea is interesting, but guys think she’s not going to work. If interested, look on

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