Make up with your hands

Today we will tell you how to make a man-made tube. If you smoke, you have to customize this process: cigarette from the pack and lighter for three rubles – this is not a choice dude. Tube – is another matter.


I confess, I smoked a pipe – of course, is not abandoned. The case was interesting. To score and to light his pipe – a science, this is what we told you. My pipe was always interested in the environment: friends asked to try, and in public places (e.g., cafes and bars, while Smoking there is not yet banned) I always hit the center of attention cost me to get comfortable with his cradle. In General, you must realize that the tube is royally, especially if you did it yourself.

So, you need to:


  • briar (wood);
  • line;
  • chisels for woodcarving;
  • saw;
  • pencil;
  • drill with different drills;
  • compass;
  • polishing machine;
  • sandpaper;
  • mills – at least 18 mm;
  • time (mno-about-OGO);
  • idea.

The idea


First of all, you need to understand how to look your pipe. Draw the options on paper and pick the one you like best.

The embodiment


Separate a piece of wood the desired size of your pipe is only slightly smaller.

Draw external circle – diameter tube and the inner diameter of the recess in it, there you fill the tobacco.

Now draw the remaining sides of your bar of the selected form. The case for small – to trim a tree so that the idea embodied in your bar (grab the tools and work). In the end, will receive what is shown in the picture.




It is necessary to drill a hole through which the smoke will flow into your mouth.

As seen on the image, you first need to measure how deep you should drill. Caution: wall of the tobacco chamber does not have to be thin, otherwise the high temperature will destroy your pipe.

The thickness of the walls of the tube, shown in the picture is 8 mm. the Diameter of the tobacco chamber: 18 mm depth – 30 mm.

In the end, it is clear that the dimensional characteristics depend on the selected design.

Now we have to make the hole in the mouthpiece, which will connect the mouthpiece to the tobacco chamber. Carefully drill a hole (for the manufacture of these tubes used a 7mm drill). Then change it to a smaller drill bit (in our case 3 mm). Don’t forget to check – how well sulking, the relationship between the tobacco chamber and the mouthpiece was adjusted?



The tube should be similar to the tube? Who has seen the handset cubic shape? It’s some cubist work.




For this you will need sandpaper and a lot of patience. Thin sections until you’re happy with the texture.



Connect with one another and produce minor adjustments.

While the phone can still be used. It is necessary to Polish – and the need for this polishing machine.

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