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manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_1i8snfdXmNYk9Almost every time you make a new acquaintance, you hear the same old questions:

What’s your name?

What do you do?

Where are you from?

These three questions are so common that your strong response you brought to automatism, not much thinking about its originality. Yes and here it is possible to gracefully joke?

«Hi, I’m Basil. I work as an accountant in a construction firm, which is engaged in the transportation of asbestos and other pipes. I was born in the Northern part of the country, but moved…» Zzzzz…

And by the way, your answer to these three standard ordinary issues affect the first impression you make on people, and we have found that the effect of the first five minutes of the meeting should not be underestimated.

So how to tell his biography in a few sentences so that you remember? Catch secret strategies that will make your answers to common questions more memorable.

1. «What’s your name?»

To the source within five minutes, forgot how you call on the father, gently repeat your name during the conversation. «Unobtrusive«is the key word.

Once again the name in the dialogue. Try to use the wording in the third person, but only once and on topic, because of this inappropriate treatment are annoying.

«And then I said to myself: «Dammit, Bob! After all, this event will have a buffet and half-naked women that pop out of the cake! You can’t miss it!»

Explain the origin of your name, especially if you in the latest fashion, once called unusual.

«Yes, and by the way, the name Basil comes from the Greek word «Basileus», which translates as «king.» Isn’t it time for us to talk about the prospects of my career in your company?»

Tell a short story about how you got your name.

«Your name is Plato? How unusual! My parents loved literature, especially the unforgettable work of Twardowski about terkina. Basil.»

Create a personal Association.

An exemplary embodiment of the dialogue:

«I Am Basil.

Oh, I had a cat named Vaska!

— Yes? and why was that?

— He constantly peed in my Slippers, so I gave it to my ex-wife».

Question five minutes, but you already associiruetsya with disgust by the representative of the cat family. You remember.

2. What do you do?

When the interlocutor will be interested in your activities, try to provide clear information, without unnecessary showing off and arrogance.

Answering the question: «I work as a Manager» or «I work in the advertising business», you’re not giving the interlocutor a chance to know you better and better to ask about your profession.

Managers today, like dogs nerezanyh, and the advertising is very wide. Tell us what you spetsializiruetsya. Involved in sales, writing commercials for television, projects for which companies you’re cooking.

Because how do you know what is the interest of the questioner. Maybe he needs a specialist like you, but he still doesn’t know about it?

3. Where are you from?

It would be great if you screwed some interesting historical fact that will attract the listener’s attention and leave a memory of you as a competent person.

«So, Basil, where are you from?

— I was born in Paris but moved to Moscow when I enforceability of seven.

— You speak French?

-No, but I have severe Chelyabinsk obscene language. Perfection. After all, Paris is a wonderful village in the South of the Chelyabinsk region, where the unique villages that bear the names of European cities: Paris, Kassel, Leipzig, Arsi, Berlin and Fershampenuaz. These names appeared in the 40-ies of the XIX century as the memory of the great battle and victory of the Russian army in Italy, Germany and France in 1799 and 1813-1814gg., when the decree of Nicholas I in the South-Eastern borders of the Russian Empire began to emerge Cossack fortress-settlements…»

Bravo! Unforgettable!

But if the impossible happened, and our advice does not help you to sit firmly in the memory of a casual acquaintance, and you, for some reason it’s eating, suggest to move to one of the above mentioned villages, because they all know each other and remember. But the arrival of such a cool guy, like you, will be news number one for a very, very long time.

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