Make my door not so boring


You said it, dude! In the end, the door is just a door. It occupies part of a wall in your house carries a obvious useful function, but still it is boring! But the smart guys found a great way to improve the appearance of the door and make it truly memorable. With the help of cool stickers!

Stickers of several types can easily be accommodated in the entire surface of the door and make it better. Although, in theory, the door should be smooth, but it’s not terrible. These stickers are a great way to let your life Shine in Hollywood or video games.

The sticker creates a feeling of spaciousness, and only at a certain angle it becomes clear that this is just a piece of paper!

Dude has released stickers of several types: doors of an airlock on a spacecraft, strut arms, a freight Elevator, and lab door. Stickers made of vinyl. Sizing 32″ x 80″. The cost of one sticker — $ 70. Awesome gift!

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