Magnetic holder for nails


To hammer a nail can everyone, there’s just one problem: you can get yourself on your finger and well. And all because of hurry: I want to score quickly, and no patience. Well, or just missed.

This holder for the nails — a great thing, on your toes never fall. The fingers need to take care. But getting the holder to anything will not lead, everything will be as before.

With this holder you can score not only nails, but also a variety of mounts, the magnetism will hold in position any of them. The owners come in two different sizes, is the holder with the notch on the end of a magnet (to more securely hold the nail). Comfortable rubberized handle is also available.

We wonder what force of the magnet — whether it is securely holding a nail, because he is at impact may shift. In short, we won’t know until we try, but if you’re interested, you can purchase it on the website for $ 14.

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