Magnetic dumbbell-ring


I often wondered how the future will replace dumbbells, kettlebells and other free weights. And then suddenly realized that dumbbells, most likely, will not be needed. This confidence was backed up by an interesting creation called magnetic weights… Seriously? How does this nonsense?

Two rings worn on the hand, using the special lever you can control your weight, that you supposedly hold. While the gadget supports weight from 3 to 24 pounds. The magnets create a huge load, which is equivalent to the weight of the dumbbells with weight. Using these rings, you can do standard manipulation, not steaming with the change of loads or dumbbells. Inside each ring, soft gasket, which allows you to not RUB his hands. Looks pretty interesting, however, as the naturalness of the motion and sense of weight? How much it costs, don’t prototype.


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