Magic steak: 4 a great recipe

Any man loves meat, we love meat, you love meat, and everyone loves meat (except the vegans, of course)! And every one of us like steaks and all that is connected with them. Many will say: greasy and unhealthy food. Well, Yes, but no one there calls her three times a day, every day.

The main food in addition to nutritional and taste, is a measure.

Steak is a beef steak, the preparation of which never had a clearly defined framework. You just fried a piece of a cow, most often in the form of meat, often minced, and get their portion of pleasure. But a little meat, sometimes, to achieve a taste we need to look at how to make steak in different parts of the world. Recipes thousands delicious, of course, less, but too much. In General, what these conversations? Cut to the chase! If you want to know how to cook a delicious steak, then pay attention to these 4 recipes.

1. Salisbury steak

A classic that can’t be bad. Chopped steak is cooked around the world, do you. Use the grill for cooking, and sauces to choose extremely sharp.


– 2 cloves of garlic;

– 800 grams of beef (try to find a thick edge);

– 2 mushrooms;

– a jar of olives (400 grams);

some gherkins;

– big onion;

– salt, pepper;

– dried Basil;

– paprika;

– 2-3 egg yolks;

– 80 grams of sweet pepper (flesh).


1. All ingenious – is simple. Cut the meat into pieces, separating the excess fat. With a sharp knife, grind the meat pieces should be small enough and should be cut carefully. So, if you’re really lazy use a grinder, but then leave all the juice.

2. The cleaned garlic and onions, take out the olives, remove the bones, take the cucumbers and remember the sweet pepper and mushrooms. All this stuff we finely shinkuem. Mix all the ingredients with the meat and add the egg yolks. Mix thoroughly. Add the spices: salt, pepper, paprika, and Basil.

3. Knead meat mass until smooth. Sure beats a lot, so we destroy the air bubbles, which are harmful to frying (meat may fall apart). After weaning the meat becomes elastic, what we were missing. Divide the meat into 4 equal parts, make each part into a ball, and then shape the cakes. Don’t make the layer very thick, make it wider. Put into the fridge.

4. After about twenty minutes to get our steaks, and each lubricated with vegetable oil. Do you have to be prepared the grill, heated to a decent temperature. The average degree of doneness of steak is 3-4 minutes on each side. But if you like strong cooking, keep for 5 minutes. To keep no sense – it will ruin the meat.

2. Steak deep-fried

There is a more bold option, which love guys who have no grill, but who have the deep-fried, but if not, then everyone has a pot that you can pour the oil. In General, the recipe is much simpler than the previous one.


– 400 grams of ground beef (can buy store);

– 2 large onions;

– oil bottle;

– salt, pepper;


– fresh ginger.


1. Cut the ginger (it needs some), add in the minced meat. Followed by the spices, the amount of which depends on your personal preference. If you want to know our opinion, do not feel sorry for curry.

2. Beats the meat, and be sure to make small flat cakes.

3. Heat oil and gently throwing him our steaks. Fry until brown crust.

4. Fry onion in a separate pan until Golden brown.

5. Take the steaks, sprinkle the top with onions and rush to the fridge for ketchup. Nothing complicated, man!

3. Classic steak

Typical American, can be called new York. The simplicity and fullness of flavor!


– 2 good-quality piece of beef steak (400 grams);

– teaspoon of salt;

– teaspoon pepper;

– tablespoon of olive oil;

– 2 tablespoons of butter;

– 2 sprigs of thyme;

– 2 garlic cloves, crushed.


1. Will do everything for science. For starters, leave the meat for thirty minutes. Let stand at room temperature.

2. Evenly sprinkle meat with salt and pepper. Heat the frying pan with a thick bottom, make hell of the fire and add oil into it. Wait a minute or two and put the steaks.

3. Fry three minutes on each side until Golden brown. And then reduce the heat to medium or even a little less. Add the butter, thyme, garlic. In General, pour the oil at the end of cooking – it fit the tradition. Fry another couple of minutes and enjoy the excellent taste.

4. Spanish steak

Cooking is a little different, but the taste does not suffer.


– 800 grams of beef (thick edge if will find);

– flour;

– olive oil;

– 3 large onions (cut);

– 3 large green peppers (cut);

– water.


1. Cut the meat into pieces, sprinkle with flour and thoroughly repel them.

2. Fry the meat in olive oil.

3. Onion and green pepper meanwhile, fry in another pan (not for long).

4. When you see that the meat is almost ready, tilt the pan so that the oil was on one side.

5. Add water to cover meat and onion with green pepper. The carcass within a few minutes.

6. Well, eat, saturate, absorbed cold energy!

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