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manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_4pkmtQs35DozuIt happens that you come to the favorite workspace, sit down and… not a damn thing done. You think you’re the most collected and concentrated, and to attain the head of the 50 tasks I can’t. And all… and decay. The bosses swear, summoned, says that you have to sign a piece of paper, and then BAM – and you’re unemployed. Fortunately, tricky a Hong Kong startups came up with a cunning trick, which, in theory, should increase your efficiency and consequently, your focus on it. And the best part is that it’s not a hefty Ambala, who cut you a finger for every fucked up minute, but only a magic button called Saent.

When I hear about the magic button, imagine superdevice that does magical things. It’s hard to imagine what. Probably stimulates the brain! In fact, everything is boring, absurd and surprising.

Here is the case: clicking on Saent, you give the start of an intense working session, after which the device will inform you. Gradually learning gadget finds your optimal rhythm of work and blocks things that distract your flighty nature. If even easier, the device allows for more efficient allocation of working time due to the sensible switching between tasks, given your biological rhythm. Don’t be surprised, because it was created with the participation of psychologists and neurophysiologists. God forbid that the technical filling did not disappoint.

The second function – the optimization of working rhythm: you can work in blocks of 30, 50 or 90 minutes with small breaks in between, due to which your dried brain remains alive, filled with creative ideas. Based on previous work sessions and their results (report on completed and outstanding tasks) Saent will help to produce the optimal schedule. For a good job in the application Saent accrued reward. By the way, if you have in the office a few of these gadgets, you can arrange a competition with your colleagues. Gamification, her mother! Cunning manufacturers are strongly recommended to purchase such gadgets because they reflect at the end of the day performance of each employee. You can even arrange a «socialist competition» to hang in pride of place annoying everyone, especially one who is depicted on it, a picture of the best employee.

By the way, for your colleagues Saent acts as a «do Not disturb»: when the LEDs of the gadget is lit, it indicates that distract you from the heavy doom and the implementation of the plan five-year plan during the day, absolutely not.

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_hSnDfsPsMBIuUSo how this crap works? When you press the button , the software blocks all third-party applications and web sites that are not linked to performance, in particular, notifications, apps and social networks. So, you can work without «Vkontakte». Whenever you try to write a message to friends with a request to remove the damn button, or play it during the working session, Saent will block it and issue a message that will help you focus on work. Apparently, something similar motivations from Shia LaBeouf. Will shout: «Just do it!»

On its website, the cunning producers write all the crap that optimize a large volume of work is difficult (as if nobody knows that!) and what Saent – stylish and compact gadget that has no place in the creative mess on the Desk. Simply put, they make you wash the Cup, remove all staples and paper, create a cosy atmosphere of creativity. And just because it supposedly increases the efficiency of labor. Which means that if you are involved in a creative craft, this button is you don’t need. It will knock your creative rhythm, breaking the workflow. But accountants, to submit a quarterly report, and other prisoners of conscience, the Assembly can be useful. Worth nothing at all – $40. And buying is only in extreme cases: when the focus does not work out totally.

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