MACOOL is the best use of the old Mac, 12.07.2013, uucbHBsdzR9vK7b9hwULyRJPlMTcqOF8

Of course, the old MacBook hard to call it fully portable. Really. With them, of course, you can sit in a cafe, but then a trip to the café was tantamount to a trip to the gym. But what an era!

Clever old bro constantly coming up with interesting new life to old Macs. That will make them a house cat, the fridge… Yes, my friend, before you natural the refrigerator from the old Mac. He, however, can fit eight cans of Cola or beer and a few bottles of beer more sparse, but stylish.

The refrigerator can be transferred: there is a handle so that the sea is the perfect option. However, I personally think that not everyone in Russia will understand that in the legend you pull: the apples-there I did not notice. In short, let it be the monitor is the refrigerator for all., 12.07.2013, 4lzM3XmghcZLhFJWthDs3HtBMZC8bZRH, 12.07.2013, zXJ4Tia3UTnd32chyqArFMN4iz6Btp2p

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