Machine with live lobsters


You, my friend certainly know about slot machines with different things inside — they get a huge metal paw grasping toys, boxes of gadgets and crap.

They have a significant disadvantage: the mechanism is designed so that to get something absolutely difficult. But you can pretend it’s something else moves and moves, and his urgent need to get.

In the city Temple that in Arizona, there is a chain of restaurants sea orientation CLAMBAKE seafood restoraunt, where he staged a very unusual slot game. This device works on the principle of the same claw machine, but instead of toys inside the lobster. Attempt to get a lobster costs $ 5 from those who want no end, because in case of victory, the lobster will be immediately applied to them to table with melted garlic butter.

As you can see in this video, there are even those who managed to get the lobster.

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