Machine horror

What could be more manly than a big bulky truck speeding on an empty highway through the Mojave desert with the speed of a good sports car? Imagine if this truck wants, among other things, to make you to a pulp! God knows that you insulted him. Maybe stuck to a nearby pickup truck. But when dealing with obsessed with cars, the jokes are always bad. They are stronger than you, they are not easy to destroy, they are not afraid of pepper spray hidden in your glove compartment and your degree in psychology simply annoying. If the car is possessed some evil spirits, and prayers will not help. But it will help your favorite who raised this most important topic on the pages of the publication. Besides, Halloween is around the corner! And, as we know, the most dangerous time to dissect your car on the roads at night. Forewarned is forearmed. We are glad to present you our brutal tops brutal cars that do not roll against chelovechinki.

1. Christina

What’s scarier than a jealous woman? Only a jealous woman in a body Plymouth Fury 1958. So is obsessive girlfriends who don’t understand the word «no» from my husband, but I understand what it’s like to go crazy. No, we’re not saying the car is bad, it’s now vintage and classic, even in 1986, when it was filmed the novel by Stephen king, this car was a rare and pleasant to look at.

However, this particular Plymouth a good call. Vehicle came into the hands of the loser (who else should be the hero kingovskoy books) Arnie, who has spent enough of her money and time is: repaired, updated, and made her a beauty, even the garage provided. However, Christine was the name of the car, don’t like it when the attention Arnie switches to someone else. And instead be grateful to its owner, she begins a brutally wet all who are dear Arnie. The fate of Christine, by the way, is not known. It crushed a heavyweight, she somehow recovered and looking for a new victim. Beware of red Plymouths, don’t be an idiot!

2. Stunt car

Don’t trust ex-stuntmen. When you Bang your head on the metal several times a day, it is not difficult to become a psychopath. Example – stuntman Mike from «Death Proof» in 2007 Quentin Tarantino.

The breakneck pace, shattered cars and broken four bodies – maybe this idiot is the only way can stop.

– Sheriff –Mike’s Car is a black Chevrolet Nova 1970, his license plate JJZ-109. A similar car was produced from 1962 PR 1979 General Motors company, of course. Machine great scares tipsy girls, but they still climb into his car. Just sort of magic. Maybe the magic stunt? In General, these guys can easily make any car something terrible and indestructible. Driver’s seat is protected by plexiglass, reinforced bumper, Mike protected cool racing seat belt, and passengers Mike… They have enough metal stools with no back and straps.

However, in the second part of the movie stuntman-the killer rides into Dodge Charger 1969, the result we all remember, so get Chevrolet.

3. Truck Jeepers Creepers The

So, the new part is complete shit. But the 2001 film is great, isn’t it? If not for this movie, that Victor Salva would have remained «those pedophiles of Hollywood».

For the sake of a friend you bought a light, spacious, and most importantly, environmentally friendly car. You went to some wilderness vacation. And here pulls up behind a monster during the Second world war, not otherwise. Rusty truck like something infernal and does not cause you trust. And he’s going to catch up and tries to pull over. We don’t know what brand this monster (rumor has it that it’s a Chevrolet COE model 1942), but he should beware, especially if you listen to the song above.

4. Enraged trucks

Trucks from the failure of the movie «Maximum Overdrive» in 1986. Movie is another confirmation of the fact that if you’re a good writer, then it is likely you’d be a shitty Director. And so it happened. «Maximum acceleration» is a film, to put it mildly, not very good, but the plot makes you think. In what hell we would be if all our devices and machines, without which we haven’t see a normal life, rose up against us? The idea is really gorgeous and, to be honest, came in each head.

You’re a freak!

– Unfriendly ATM –of all Of our inventions, according to the author, huge trucks would be the most ruthless towards people. Truckers would be immediately dead, strangled with a seatbelt, and you’d have to stay off the roads, or die.

In General, if the equipment suddenly comes to life, try to find shelter away from the petrol station. And all this is not a joke, «Maximum acceleration» crazy lawnmower raised her eyes. Do you feel lucky?

5. Bulldozer killer

Killdozer, as it is called. The thing is very unpleasant, especially if you’re a Builder and got stuck on the island, where a meteorite with an alien force inside of. If you want to know what would happen if an alien intelligence has entered the heavy bulldozer D-9 Caterpillar company, then you are obliged to see the movie «the Bulldozer killer» in 1974. The movie has everything that fans want a cheap, yet enjoyable horror films: chopper, men’s brutality, as well as tons of testosterone. In General, it is better not to be a Builder on the island when he is approached by an infernal meteor from the other end of the Universe.

6. The hearse

One friend (so when they say they mean themselves) in all seriousness I wanted to buy a hearse as a means of transportation. But the thing that is very inconvenient to manage, and is not cheap. But after watching the same movie 1980, the desire has disappeared. The hearse better left dead, as it should be, especially if the vehicle is somehow associated with black magic and is waiting for you around every corner. In General, the films of the 80s the coolest and predictable as hearses: always know what is inside.

7. Your car

If you picked up someone on the road. Are probably of these search services «reliable» fellow travelers.» But I know nothing about these people. Who are they, what work, where their family is, why did you decide to sit down to an unfamiliar man in a car? Maybe, just maybe, that your companion has long been sharpening you knife. And if you look at the experience of Jim Halsey from the original movie «the hitcher» in 1986, the fate is unenviable. In 2007 he directed the remake, where the main role was played by Sean Bean. It turned out he had worse than Rutger Hauer, but the film was still decent. I’ll probably show you paranoid, but we have not picked up dudes who look like psychopaths, and neither should you.

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