Machine for you: budget subcompact sedans

There is a category of cars – subcompact sedan. The class is incredibly popular as it offers a good coach at a good price. They, of course, a lot, but we picked five that you should consider before opening a section of old cars on avito.

Volkswagen Polo

Price: 524900-748000 RUB.

After all, Germany, even assembled in Kaluga.

Externally, the car looks quite decent, but inside is sparingly and just if collected «AVTOVAZ.» Almost all say that the main cons are the poor soundproofing (noisy as hell in the crucible) and cheap, very hard plastic. Plastic, in General, did not criticize just lazy. It is seen that the machine is budget, some even call it close. But for the money it is an adequate option: reliable, with good transmission, smooth driving and a distant hint of German quality. For all the shortcomings of the plow will be long.

Hyundai Solaris

Price: 535900-740000 RUB.

The most popular brand in Russia. Nice curvy lines liking to the population, although tired lately, too many of them. Power more than the German counterpart (from 107 to 123 HP). Plus it is more spacious: luxury front, rear space is enough for two, the third will be closely. By the way, the trunk is also very large. However, the car and even make in Saint Petersburg, but apparently, based on the European roads. Even on a straight road, the car knocked off course, especially on bumps and turns. Straying just a few degrees, but still unpleasant.

And about the noise of the front arches and ground clearance already legends. The driver is constantly experiencing the excitement behind the front bumper. Paranoid feels like it’s broken or snagged on something, will not let you go most often because you do something caught. But otherwise – great car, especially inside, for the money well done: multifunction steering wheel, wireless connectivity and the phone controls on the steering wheel – convenient.

Good regular radio, but for some reason weak lights.

Kia Rio

Price: 560000-829000 RUB.

Disguised as Solaris with the same capacity and the same place of origin. But in terms of handling much easier. On the track is good, the turns is easy and predictable. Steer is a pleasure, thanks to good handling and comfortable steering. Fast fun car, capable to climb into any cracks and to Park as necessary.

The main disadvantage of the car – stiff suspension. Although, if you drive for short distances less than 100 km, it is tolerable. Next your teeth begin to chatter. Many criticized blunt and slow, 4-speed automatic, which with all this quite rapidly accelerates at 120 «horses». As for the interior decoration – the more fun companions. Plus Packed with technology. Many say overcrowding in many urban «coaches», but it is kompensiruet a very roomy trunk.

Renault Logan

Price: 419000-674990 RUB.

Weak (from 82 to 102 HP), but a nice cheap French footballer of national roads, which only in the second generation became nicer and was finally released with the box «automatic».

What to say about this coach? It is spacious (5 people can fit without visible discontent), neubivaemaya suspension and good ground clearance. Reliable transmission can cause the envy of competitors, but the main advantage – practicality and easy maintenance. In the harsh Russian winters she prepared, perhaps better than their counterparts. In Togliatti know how to assemble suitable for the winter carriage.

The rest – the stern tank, inconvenient to use, tough both inside and outside. The windage of the machine such that it becomes scary. The dynamics of the car are disgusting, worse than just insulation. Even worse – its relationship with corrosion: rust is a common thing. But if you need reliable, passable but more or less pretty replace «Field», it is better to take Logan. Simple, crude, uncouth as French peasant, but hardy as a Siberian convict.

Scoda Rapid

Price: 509000-871000 RUB.

As you know, Skoda is absorbed and any nice Volkswagen. Good unit resembling a silhouette of a Polo. Same car, just the engines are put by others, including the 125-horsepower and a turbocharged 1.4 with a 7-speed transmission. As with all cars suffer from hard plastic, but the cabin is quiet. The main advantage is the capacity, both in the cabin and in the trunk, even better than the kin group. Well keep track, though some complain that the motor is a 1.6 MPI sometimes not enough, wanted more horses (which from 90 to 125). Simply put, it’s a nice budget version of Scoda Octavia. For those who do not want to overpay. It smells of cheapness.

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