Machine for hunting zombies

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2014_j2rmq4N0p33vLIf you don’t leave the thought to meet the upcoming Halloween holiday, despite the alleged restrictions and the lack of cool costumes, then you to us! Most likely, you are not satisfied with simply spectacular clothes, and you want something more. Maybe it’s because you recently watched «Zombieland»? So, the main characters are not exactly bragged about his epic outfits, but their murderous cars are definitely made to worry about your heart.

What if after a few days your town will be overrun by crazy zombies? Are you willing to sacrifice your car to save my life? Of course I am! Let’s get your car to the carnage, if you’re not a snot and won’t get skittish at the sight of the bloody paint on your hood.

1. Prepare

  • Machine;
  • Liquid rubber (white and red);
  • Folder for paper or any other plastic sheet;
  • A cotton swab;
  • What;
  • Latex gloves;
  • Duct tape;
  • The printer and paper;
  • Imagination.

Print awesome drawing and turn it into a stencil, which will cut the contour of the plastic sheet.

2. Mount

Attach the resulting stencil to the car with adhesive tape. Make sure you pasted everything exactly, and you can take a can of liquid rubber. The stencil needs to be removed until the drawing is still wet. Otherwise, the rubber will begin to stretch and the picture will be spoiled.

If you need to clean up bad touches, use a cotton swab. Now we can start painting the other door.

3. Grille

If your car is a lattice, then spend 10 minutes trying to remove it. Better to paint it separately and when dry, return to its rightful place.

Wear gloves, scatter red rubber hands and leave random marks on the bars. When you’re done bloody art, wait about an hour to rubber is completely dry, only then began to play in place.

4. The hood

Now it’s time to do the hood. Works with it is the same as that of bars. Just leave it to dry overnight. Then your arts will not be afraid neither rain nor car wash.

If you do not want to drive this car after Halloween, or you’ll get cops constant stops, use all-purpose cleaner. You without damage to the machine will remove all the rubber.

In the meantime, your car is the most aggressive and dangerous on the road.

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