Machine dreams: ride the waves of your brain

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_Nur3MHpoOWy4dMachine dreams, or the dream car, is a stroboscopic device, based on the electrophone in 1961. And its not scientists-psycho. Among its creators are the controversial writer of the beat generation William Burroughs, the artist Brion Gysin and mathematician Ian Somerville.

Now, in the age of information technology, do not have to order the original device to feel the impact of the creation of this insane company. In the network you can find electronic counterparts (attention! it is dangerous for epileptics), and if you’re a good programmer and have dealt with game development, you can easily recreate this device. However, if you have hands grow from the right place, and constructing a real prototype will not create difficulty.

Why do you need it? According to the authors, the machine may cause certain wave changes in the brain that improve creativity and also introduce the user into a hypnotic state, which can lead to the present explosion of hallucinations. Bright, saturated colors can be combined in various geometrical patterns. The technology is such that the device may be dangerous for epileptics because the flickering light is very intense and fast.

Technically «machine dreams» is a plate with defined openings and an actuator which rotates the plate at a speed of 78 rpm. Inside the cylinder are located the light bulb of 100 watts. The flickering that is generated by the device, which is approximately equal to 8-13 Hz, which corresponds to the alpha rhythms of our brain.

The person who uses the machine sleep, you must close the eyelids and to look in the direction of the flicker. Thus he begins to see some semblance of hallucinations that some associated with the Purkinje effect. This effect, in turn, associated with changes in color perception under reduced illumination of the object. For example: the red color in the dusk seem darker than green, but blue objects become lighter. While we believe that the essence of the dream machine generally does not correlate with this effect. It acts according to other principles, which find their basis in different wave rhythms of the brain.

Somerville and Gysin wanted to start serial production of such machines, which, unfortunately, did not happen. Nobody wanted to invest in the thing that created the marginalized for the marginalized, the aim of which is neither more nor less, and experience for yourself the beauty of hallucinations.

I made a simple flicker machine.

You see it with your eyes closed and flickering reflected on the eyelids. Visions start with a kaleidoscope of colors on a plane in front of the eyes and gradually become more complex and beautiful as the surf beating on the shore. After some time, the vision became permanent, and I was in the middle of the boundless scene model, formed around me. For all the time in me there was an almost unbearable sense of movement of space around me. Then I discovered that my perception of the world has grown very significantly. It was like everything went to a halt, but life problems left me…


manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_XDCA2uJPZQ9l7Gysin thought that such a device will ever be able to displace drugs for those people who want to join the mystical experience. This, as we now understand, did not happen. Burroughs believed that the machine should be used as protection of the brain from the so-called «Control» – the Central theme of many books of the author and the main antagonist in Beryozovka the world. William remembered the car in such novels as «Nova Express and the Ticket that burst».

The light flashes and goes off with very high frequency, maybe three times faster than normal heart beat. Every time the light flashes, you see the new phase of the movement of the legs of the runner. These successive images remain in your head as the light goes out before you have time to catch a familiar eye blurry movement. In the world of acid junkies the gate takes on some magical properties. At a certain frequency of the strobe light is so synchronized with the oscillations of brain radiation that the epileptic may begin the attack. Junkies found that strobe lights can cause they have many of the sensations associated with the experience of LSD without taking LSD.

Tom Wolfe

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2015_6HROEQiQVfh7vThe device itself could be considered a common toy drunken and oberkommissar Bohemia. But in modern neuroscience have recognized the importance of the invention. Stroboskop, the study of eminent neuroscientists should be used in the diagnosis of certain mental diseases and as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of the syndrome of Charles bonnet. It is likely that in the near future a fashion similar to strobe lights will still be able to reach a wide audience. Although they can now be purchased at a cheap price, or you can create yourself.

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