Low libido: how, why, and for what sins

manygoodtips.com_17.05.2016_SaJpuUubJ2wkOThe subject is so relevant that we regularly receive in the mail a pile of questions on the problems with libido in different variations. For example: «Why at eighteen I could all night long to rock with his girlfriend, and as he turned twenty, then three times is already a great success? Help!» manygoodtips.com instead of answering each question individually, we decided to write the text for you to raise mood and help to raise manhood.

The problem

Many people appreciate sexual activity in the time of the explosion of hormones that has taken place in the 16-17 years of age. But after the burst there is always a recession, but because be afraid that endurance you have become less, not worth it. In those years you worked with «doping», and now we come to its normal condition. However, the decline of interest in sex for a healthy male body thing abnormal (and women, too), so don’t rejoice that you have freed a lot of time to draw your own comic or astrophysics.

If you don’t want sex, or want it much less than before, then you likely health problem. All this develops into a mental disorder that not only affects the sexual life but also life as such. Our confidence is pretty damn dependent on sex and success in it. So we are organized. Our testosterone is a sad spectacle when we forget about sex, but it is important, because we are ruled by hormones.

Because of such troubles, you can seriously acquire weight, lose hair and even change the timbre of the voice. All these are symptoms of reduced libido, which can be seen from the outside, and a hell of afraid to encounter this uncontrollable Hydra, which deprives us of the fact courageous. Nobody wants to be bald fat guy with a voice like Michael Jackson.

There are several options, one more beautiful than another: you have stress, you have a hormonal imbalance, you get sick, you sitting on wheels addict.

1. Stress

If a man admits to nervous stress, he’s not weak, but a more intelligent individual. The truth is that psychological problems and nervous exhaustion seriously affect our sex life. This is especially noticeable at a time when a young man with educational institutions gets to serious work, where he shout, break down, where it really works and did not have time. And the first job that one is tough. And here you come home and you not only sex, you even do not want to live. Squeezed like a sponge.

Stop.com.ua_17.05.2016_FmcJHwFRo8KbhMore often it is psychological problems are the main causes of low libido. They can appear not only at work but also in relations between you and a friend, and maybe even in the inner world. All of this is deposited in the brain.

For starters, just try to relax. Relax, the world can wait until you patch your psyche – it is more important. Figure out what’s bothering you, maybe it’s the little things that are easy to fix, and maybe for solutions in need of a professional therapist. In any case, the psyche is delicate and important that it should not be forgotten.

2. You are our painful

Sex life will never be perfect, if you always go with the sores. Special role is played by disease of the blood vessels and heart. Diabetes and obesity also affect sexual activity, which is logical. Yes, and dozens of other diseases, the occurrence of which cannot be predicted but can be prevented.

Start with nutrition, if there are problems. It is always better to sacrifice a greasy Burger, and not sex, right? Soul food, of course, is not the most delicious food on the planet, but sometimes it is needed. Then start in the body and spirit, what you will help our fitness recommendations and nearest to your house the sports centre. Just watch it, you cannot buy the health. Periodically go to clinics, take the test. It all seems a waste of time, but it is important.

3. Drugs and booze

manygoodtips.com_17.05.2016_V5PJ4axm4Mfl2And cigarettes and any excess. You should know that when a little fun turns into the category of need, whether heroin or candy, you start to lose control of the situation. It is very noticeable affects the internal processes of your body, which can be hormonal disruption and other nasty things. Sexual desire, as a result, leaves much to be desired.

Pull yourself together and wash it all down the toilet as soon as you realize that you have lost control over their own lives. Limit alcohol consumption to a minimum, get rid of the packs of cigarettes. Then you will see how everything falls into place and you feel attraction to women.

4. Porn

Recently, we have described the good features of such phenomena as pornography. But there is in this industry a number of disadvantages, like any popular thing in our world. Pornography can produce psychological dependence, making sex boring and grey. A painful attachment to the visual image can produce mania, which will have a negative impact on real sex life.

Here, of course, there are two logical steps that need to be done to restore spiritual balance. First and foremost, try to restrict access to porn sites. Just takes willpower, pornoman, be a man! And then introduce something new in their sexual life. More fantasy to save his soul and to raise the tap. Such cases.

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