Low-carb diets: pros and cons


Many people reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet to lose weight. Low-carb diets help people to lose weight quickly, switch to a useful protein and healthy fats. For the first time this diet was invented 20 years ago, Dr. Robert Atkins, but its popularity has increased only in recent years. This diet has advantages, but there are serious disadvantages.

Danger nizkouglevodna

Carbohydrates — the main reason that the body fat accumulates, and weight is rapidly increasing. Limiting the number of carbs is a good step on the path to weight reduction. This diet will help to reduce the amount of fat in the body and accelerate muscle growth. However, if your diet consists solely of protein, you can cause serious health problems. Along with higher cholesterol, this diet can cause kidney damage. A high intake of protein with almost no carbs can lead to reduced calcium in the bones and excretion of nutrients.

Balance diet

As in everything in this life, go to extremes it is dangerous and harmful. A healthy balanced diet consisting of all essential nutrients — the best addition to your training program. It makes sense to reduce carbohydrate content and to make sure that you eat enough to support yourself for life and for exercise. The nutrients feed muscles and enable them to perform better during exercise. Again this is not a reason not to abandon the proteins with the words: «bread around the head, ancestors ate, and they did not». Bread — carbohydrate is extremely harmful, because mostly it is made from heavily processed wheat, to which nutrients and times less than many years ago, when bread had to be handled by another technology, and they ate «grandfathers». A bit of advice: try not to eat carbs five hours before bedtime. During this time, excess carbs are burned not absorbed by the body and do not become fat.

All carbs are not equal. Simple carbohydrates such as chips, cakes and white bread, are easily digested and make you feel hungry after a short period of time. Complex carbohydrates, such as fruits (although they should be careful), vegetables, and whole grain bread — carbs are «slow burning». They let you feel full longer. In this sense, complex carbs are «good» carbohydrates, and simple carbohydrates — the «bad». It is worth remembering.

Myths about the low carbohydrate diet

1. The elimination of carbs helps to lose weight and keep the weight off

Yes, it is. Partially. But as soon as you start back eating carbs, the body shouts of «Hurrah» and desperately their stores. Proponents of the Atkins believe that nothing bad will happen if we reduce the carbohydrate component of the diet to a minimum, but it’s impossible. Fashionable vegetarianism, with its high carbohydrate menu can be viable in the case of eating non-meat sources of protein and vitamin-mineral complexes, and omnivorous diet, carbohydrates are needed in any.

Research nutritionists and scientists show that the less you consume carbs, the more sensitive you become to them. In other words, when you start eating carbs again, the body begins to «think»: «Hey, what’s that? I have not seen such food for a long time, apparently now a time of famine, I’d rather keep them in reserve fat».

2. Reducing the carbs and increasing the amount of protein help in weight loss

The main role of protein is to promote growth of muscles and tissues, as well as in the repair of cells; carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body. However, if no carbohydrates enter the body, our body will break down protein for energy (gluconeogenesis), which reduces the reserves of protein in the body.

This affects not only muscle, but also slows your metabolism, so you ultimately burn fewer calories and gain weight.

3. This is a great way to lose weight quickly

When you first stop eating carbs, you will start to lose weight. However, when your weight and fat level drops too quickly, the hormonal balance of your body can be significantly changed.

People who like to lose weight quickly, but do not like the power supply and not compatible with gym, nizkouglevodna seems like a great idea, but it is not so.

4. Protein best for muscle building and weight loss

Here’s something that may surprise you: muscles and their growth is largely dependent on the carbohydrates. Low-carb diet generally makes the muscles flatter and less dense, so if you’re trying to increase your muscle mass, you definitely need to consume enough carbohydrates.

Low in carbohydrates can make your muscles soft. In addition, it can make you feel tired and lethargic.

5. You’re going to lose a lot of water

Actually, the way it is. Sometimes the extra weight in our body — the water that is stored for different reasons. What? Let’s go read this article here, man! Three to five grams of water you’re going to lose along with 1 gram of carbs, which you refused.

When you go back to eating carbs, the water will begin to stock up in large quantities. Despite the fact that your body will eliminate it fast enough (if you help him, of course), you’re still going to feel bloated, like I’ve swallowed the little whale.

6. Any protein useful any carbohydrate in a thousand times

Red meat and other foods that have a lot of protein, but however a lot of fats, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity.

High-protein diet can have many other negative consequences, such as irreversible kidney damage and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Water helps to drop weight? A diet of soda water and Brussels sprouts? What are the new trends in the feed will appear in the next few years? Do you really need to test them all and never turn your head?

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