Love of life and fear of death

Love of life and fear of death is scary for most people process that they are not able to predict. All accidents that can happen to a person, are not worth close to death mainly because she almost always unexpected. You could die in front of their house when some robber will rip your belly, I could die lying in bed, just choking in her sleep one summer night, sometimes we need tens of years, death has knocked to your house.

But when it’s done, and the grim Reaper takes his own, she almost never leaves behind a void, her thing is chaos, which penetrates into the lives of those who loved, were friends with the deceased. Unexpected end, which was attended by his close friend, comparable with the feeling of a knockout in the ring of heavyweights. Here you hung out with him, and now he’s gone. Somehow became empty, and as if he did not go, but God knows…

Death takes our friends completely, you should know. But is that a consolation? Too many reminders of some tragic balance that we are trying quickly to hide and live. Such sediment occurs always. From it are its history, the customs that came to us from antiquity, the middle ages – all these gorgeous Egypt pyramids, ancient cemeteries, the gallows, the burial mounds, a woman in mourning and celebration of death.

The usual tombstones, which we set their dead loved ones, carry a minimum of information, just a huge low. And, of course, and the very funeral – not that other, as a final attempt to respect the body that has lost its owner. Such ceremonies seem to be absurd, although they sometimes truly worried.

But that’s all, because in real life the bustle doesn’t leave too much time for them to think about their inevitable end, how he spends his time remained, and if he is not wrong. A feeling that humanity every day makes mistakes, with the understanding that doing.

But with all this wonder what value this is the prospect of death has for man. In many ways, it’s not very much affected. Here is an example city of South America, which are in range of volcanoes. It is striking how the inhabitants of such cities that are in rather dangerous conditions, we understand that to escape from molten lava you can’t, quietly live, like living in the garden of Eden under the protection of the Lord. The Lord of the Volcano absolutely to spit, relaxed people or not, he can in an instant to turn all their homes into dust and bones to forever be immersed in volcanic ash. All the fun will be in flames.

Many young people or, on the contrary, gloomy elderly people believe that this life is reckless, desperate. It seems incredible that an ordinary family calmly eating dinner around the mountain, which is about to explode. Such a place they think must be a place for ordinary people, but for hermits living in prayer, or misfits, that stoked his departure in the endless booze. Yes, all of it beautifully.

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_77oEjZQVbrT8ZAnd yet the situation of these South American citizens are not widespread, it is typical for only a very small percentage of all mankind. But the world itself, which evolves blindly into a rapidly expanding space, among a million other worlds, which threatens to devour us just evolved in opposite directions, just wants to destroy everything around. We are all in danger, any food that we eat, exudes danger, every drink, every trip to the store. We’re scared, and we so much cling to the abstract idea of life, or half of us wouldn’t mind that all this horror was over in a jiffy? The clock is ticking, bringing a speedy withdrawal.

Aging is very frustrating. After each important stage in our lives, after each battle, marriage, the covered distance we make the ice thinner life our feet every step we take makes it thinner. Then, we observe that our contemporaries start to worry about yourself, by the time when you turn 70, your continued existence can be considered a miracle. And when you put your old bones to bed for the night, there is always a chance that the light you will never see. Elderly people know what is what. It’s amazing how they retain the presence of mind: every day they hear about the death of people of their own age, or even younger, but instead to see this as a terrible warning, this childish pleasure I am glad that through someone else. They have problems with health, memory, but only some of them stop to laugh or enjoy life. Old close to death, maybe that’s why they enjoy life more fully, as those people who live near the volcano? Some of them perform such feats, which are not under the force healthy, young people.

Isn’t it strange? Some people are more concerned with the fullness of the taste of ginger beer or French wine than a terrible earthquake that occurs nearby. Such is most clearly gives us to understand that such a love of life and fear of death. Humanity as a whole is carefree and fun, especially when closest to Death Valley, which is a wild area filled with traps and bear traps. And yet we all go through it.

We confuse reality with metaphysical phrases, which we import into daily talk with noble inappropriateness. After all, you agree that you have no idea what is really death, although it is very easy to describe its circumstances and consequences for others. Although we have the experience of life, but it is not so already full. We life really can not explain. All rests on a abstraction. And no man on earth who could describe life in a practical sense. Very little we understand it and we have too many assumptions on this.

But it seems to us, the only thing we can say is that we don’t love life. No, we try to keep existence and the like, but it’s very existence, the preservation of life. We do not love life, but living. Of course, we have an idea of what is good health, good wine and good weather, we realize that good sex and why we like personal recognition, but it is not overall picture of the opportunities and challenges of life. We ignore a lot of precautions though and fear for the safety of their existence. Love the fact that we in various ways characterized as a life of the climber or the hunter will be far more than a creature, that sits eternally on a diet, and measures the distance with a pedometer to be in the «form».

Good food and a bottle of wine – the answer to most of the standard questions. With them man’s heart can heat up to the point where all this sophistry instantly forgotten. Everything turns into pink color, the look with which we are most pleased to see the world. Death is always knocking at the door, but we thank him and continue to survive. Everything in this world yields to her influence, and pains and ecstasy alternate with each other every minute. When we go around the death of a party proud of their agile bodies, their abilities, and it gives some inflow and appetite, which we beneficially get down to all sorts of nonsense.

We regard life as a lane leading to a blank wall, despair, or think of her as the lobby, which is decorated as a sports hall where we are waiting for and prepare our talents to something unknown, strange, to something better. Maybe we come every day from the priest, or read atheistic books, poetry about the vanity and power of the human mind? We are going to look for whole life health and energy or, on the contrary, you should leave all this and come to the hearse at hellish speeds a wheelchair? Views each of the world, to life all have one similar trait: we are all trying to stand against the paralyzing terror of death, try to control the race, which has no controls. Courage and intelligence is the best quality person, and only they can give us the idea of death, which will be devoid of all of the whining and weakness. is more miserable for men than panic. Person, who there is the least fear for their corrupting carcass, has more time to understand everything that surrounds it. The code of the samurai read: live like you’re already dead. And this is a medieval rule could fit into our lives, to facilitate them. After you begin to grow wisdom. You will cease to be the victim who is concerned about the room temperature, correct the coffee or clean the door handles. Man is quite wise and capable of much. You will be able to keep all their impulses necessary for any good grasp in this world to solve the tasks quickly and correctly, you can bravely and fun to use the risk, knowing that life is not eternal. If you are a true lover of life, you must realize that you are surrounded by death, and enjoy it. Something internally is pushing you into spontaneous adventures, adventures, deadly struggle. It is necessary to enjoy, but not to shake in fear.

Those everyday problems that you had during the period of «existence» may soon seem so small, that they is worth paying. Like damn adjustable temperature in the house to protect you from the fact that you could die a hundred times over the last ten years! It is better to be a patient viewer for our own pathetic changes, and not those who will laugh in the face of these changes. It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to waste it, like an old miser. It is better to live with all his shit, than to die daily in the sickroom. Even if the doctor will give you a year, even if you only have a month, you just have to get away from this, to make the last leap to live the life of a brave, even if life will end in a week.

Is there anything brave in, to be content with their success in career, in projects that changed your life? Wouldn’t it be better to jump into the abyss, which offers a beautiful view of the action on his strength and superiority of the water, than to live like you’re sand, scattered desert dunes? When the Greeks gave such a beautiful phrase: «Those whom the gods love, die young.» And it seems to us that the Greeks knew a lot about death, and their opinion gets in the modern world where you can live to the age of the ruins, not even able to think like people, new shape. The hot fit of life – that’s what really matters. Dionysus and energetic spirit that touches us and shows us the most amazing worlds, will always stand out against the background of the weak and timid.

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