Love money account: think of them right

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_ym8J4wrK0RdvCWe won’t feed you tips in the style of Robert Kiyosaki, the «rich mind». This article is all about the right attitude to money without commercialism and excessive intelligence in the spirit: «Money is evil!» The first and truism says that money is a medium of exchange. And we must treat them as a means of exchange, which is forced to compensate for the difference in price between a collar of liquid glass and a lamb. Why are the rich people who actually earned their money, look at the paper and coins differently? Not because they are supermen and have unrealistic mindset, and with a few commonplace reasons. The first reason: they know how to get that money. The second reason: they spinnin ‘ big money and be immune to the temptation of large sums. But about all under the order.

1. Get out of debt, and even better not to get into them

Many famous entrepreneurs realize that taking a loan is the last thing. The best solution is to try to manage their funds. If the loan still had to take to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Paid and calmed down.

You may borrow from friends the paltry sum — returns immediately and never forget it. Don’t think a real friend and a good man can forgive you 500 rubles, which you have had when you didn’t have enough for a taxi. In fact, he can forgive you, but his attitude towards you will worsen. Be a good person, but unreliable personality. It’s better to be a man who always pays his debts than a guy who often forgets to give. Different people have different attitudes to debt. What you may seem petty, normal for them! If the amount is small, it is best to repay the treat, or pleasant thing.

The same applies to pay the bills: the Board just in time for a «pay and forget».

2. Purpose for money

Every time you receive money, be aware of where they go. Part on bills, part of life, part wife, part entertainment, and part remains free. This spare part should be postponed. It would be nice to create a savings account at interest, to be sure, but hurt do not count on it.

3. Luxury bad, better quality

Why the creators of IKEA and Warren buffet look like middle class, not as the world’s richest people? Probably because they don’t follow the stereotype, if the rich have something special to look at. Or because they know how to get the money, and they do not care deeply, you know all around that they are wealthy people. Their environment, and so know that they’re terribly rich. In addition, Buffett and other rich people like their money and they understand that Lamborghini is meaningless, but beautiful waste of money.

Egregious and outrageous purchases such as Dan Bilzerian, there’s always stupid ways to get attention. Instead of having to buy a stupendously high briefs, buy corny easy quality underwear made of cotton. Quality items are a bit more expensive, so it is very cool to know that now you have the opportunity to buy something that will not break immediately. Is it better to buy imported beer or a delicious jar of pasta truffle and artichokes, from which you will spit, but that looks a lot?

4. A rainy day will come

No matter how rich was not a man, shit happens. Unexpected expenses pop up by themselves. Things get lost, broken or stolen. Bad things happen to all — luck or the lack of it did not save the situation. A small financial safety cushion is the best alternative in comparison with a complete lack of savings. Today’s youth believes that leaving the money is reprehensible, because «people live longer, and to take from life all you need». If you learn to save money in the future, it’ll be easier to save for something big or to survive a personal financial crisis.

5. Know exactly how much you spend, and how much remains

You think it’s wrong to record all income and expenses in the personal Ledger? In fact, it’s almost a symbol of prosperity, my friend! You clearly see how much you spend, where you spent a lot where to reduce and where possible to increase consumption without any harm. Also you can easily answer the main question of the universe: «what happens to my money? I did nothing this month, not bought!» Discipline is worth it!

6. Make the money work for themselves

Sometimes to Deposit money into a Bank account is a bad idea, you saw interest rates? Why not to make investments, despite the fact that it is difficult and hell will understand where to put your money!

7. Specific investment

Remember on Kickstarter! There are so many original projects that you can support! For example, different games or different funny devices. Of course, that’s not what will bring you the money, but the idea that you helped promising young comrades to raise their project, very flattering.

8. Shabashki

Good old jobs help you stay afloat when your main job is threatened. Have at least one skill that will help you to earn an extra penny. Some people lose their jobs, but they always have the opportunity to earn some money. If you’re contemptuous of shabashki, you’re wrong. To abandon them only when you really sutured in the main work.

9. To put limits

Everyone at least once in life thought he was something «deserved». Tough job, tough day, you cool handled the situation — in a word, deserve. Instead of set the limits, we are sure that money needed to be spent. Restrictions is the right decision. Of course, sometimes you can pamper yourself, but the key word here is «sometimes». You’re a man and not a child that constantly need to be encouraged!

10. Work to spend less

There are two ways to increase your wealth: either to work more or spend less. But it is best to do two things.

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