Lost in translation: how to change working place and not to despair?

Before people what? They were born, 16 years married, fought, died, bred, and then died. To change jobs more often than Nicolas Anelka changes clubs was considered bad form. However, while players and clubs were on duty in case of conflict and the rapid loss of skills. At work had to be Totti to after 35 years dependable service to retire with donated leadership hours. But now is another time. The market has become faster, and jump from one job to another has become the norm. But for many, this process causes pain, despair, indigestion and suicidal tendencies. We disagree, and here’s why.

All native, all native

One of the most common problems associated with the transition from one employment to another shelter, is the need to quit your old job. Throw something, be it family, work, or drugs, thing is incredibly complex. But if the work is good? Pay a little, but friendly staff, good atmosphere… Only the atmosphere on bread you will not smear. Need to thrive, to move on, shake yourself and rejuvenated to start a new level.

Plast mistakes that you drew in the previous place of employment to leave in the same place of work. And then there are your colleagues. You see them almost more than their home life, and most likely, with someone of them you close, obyzatelno-hugging attitude. And it’s good to understand you work with people is not a sin to adrenocot superiors in the Smoking room! You don’t want to leave the brotherly team. And that’s fine, but over time you will begin to wither.

Native like faces, and I want to see a bit less. Friendship is friendship, the atmosphere of the atmosphere, but this does not justify the rejection of their personal goals. When there is no money, people get ugly. You need to develop, not a friendship deal. It’s as if instead of school work and you stayed at school – fun and futile. So leave all this talk about «not leaving the home farm».

In any case, getting a new job, try to remember one important thing: why you came to it. Not the career – it can be built anywhere, not for big money – although starting to feel more confident when you can not afford an aspirin, as a cold remedy. Perhaps this is a chance to do things that will bring you joy and pleasure.

And with a clean slate

Your first job – the place where you establish your identity. First labor the household has, as a cold jet in the face, but over time it becomes warm and pleasant. It remains only to build a perfect how will Smith’s reputation.

With time everything falls into place, you know everything from cleaners to bosses (in that order). Who do you think will put the office clown, a workaholic, handy – depends on you. But when you come to a new place of work, everything that was built back-breaking labor will have to bring to life again, because nobody knows you, you tell them what is not given, and in General, you’re not welcome here. It gets very confusing. Are you still waiting for your potential envy of the office Gods, but they never. Some you’ll be treated cautiously. You would have to show them all who is the king and why the leadership made a mistake. But you’re not «the Wolf of wall street», you’re not as brave as tell me about yourself your girlfriend. And uncomfortable flexing. You’re still a stranger here.

And to show off just right. To sit and wait that someone will notice your talent, silly. Need to show it to everyone, otherwise the sense from your transition to a new workplace. Ask questions, voluntarily volunteer to solve some tasks. Do it yourself! If you want to stand out, stand out! No one is responsible for your goals, except yourself.

To enter into the stream

Old work – the usual circle, the usual responsibilities that you eventually began to be taken for granted. But it’s all in the past.

Near the coolers of the older workers tell young the legend of the new office. According to it, every company has its own vision of how things should be done: they decide for you what coffee to drink and how to negotiate. If you approach your client, your boss insanely happy for you. If you’re so smart, go somewhere far away, look for a job. Will have to work by their rules, buddy.

You will have to readjust, you’ll be working with the looking back and the constant idea that has done something wrong. The eyebrows of the authorities you find that terrible allusion to the phrase: «You do not come to us,» and in their thoughts to come across snide, like the smile of a leprechaun thought, «maybe we shouldn’t be doing?

But it is actually not so bad. In conditions when the competition is elevated to the rank of fetish, it is difficult to find managers who are not open to new ideas. Of course, if you’re suggesting that before every negotiation to sacrifice to Satan ugly children and hairless cats. The common idea is always appreciated. Quite a few firms that impose on the workers only their methods. If your methods don’t violate the overall operation of the company, do not slow down others, then who are you going to ban? Especially if they are effective. Don’t worry.

No time

When you get to a new place, then I expect you only the heroic labor exploits. Rarely give enough time to get involved in the usual working rhythm. You are an ant in the anthill. You have to do your job. Worse, when you Slutsk – chained to you unwanted attention. You have a little time, but your decisions depend on many things, because the interviews rarely recognized that the firm is in deep… well you shoulder the burden of responsibility and give a little time. You’re confused, while exploring the environment and getting used to the new order. It turns out that you have no idea how to solve the problem. The chief has no idea that you have no idea. And he doesn’t care. The desired result. It doesn’t matter. You do not have time, tired, cry, call your mom and ask her to take you home. Soon the dawn of the last day of the deadline in no time, and nothing is ready.

And you know what to do? You use time management. Only planning of personal time and safety in the workplace will be able to guarantee you a growth of pigs… that is clear, timely fulfillment of personal obligations. Remember, the plan is the law! Fulfillment – duty, overfulfillment – honour.

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