Lost generation

Great news for all who are born in the 80-90. the Study showed that the so-called generation Y all more prone to depression. 20% percent of people who took part in the survey, complained of the apathy. While the older generation this figure is considerably lower at 16%. The most common symptom of depression was the presenteeism – a situation when a man regularly comes to work, but is not able to properly perform their duties. Such people are unhappy, suffer from apathy, constant fatigue of life and pessimistic views.

Generation Y is a generation of yuppies. And it’s not a yuppie drink from the 90s, the «young wealthy people, leading is built on the passion of professional career and material success, active social lifestyle. Yuppies have a paying job in the clothing business style prefer, follow the fashion, attend fitness centers. The main criterion of belonging to the «yuppies» – success in business». This generation includes people born between 1981 and the mid-90s, that is a big part of our readers.


Our generation, perhaps the greatest potential. Because in our hands are concentrated nearly all the blessings of civilization. Your ancestors just 100 years ago, visited the restroom, what are basic pit latrines. You’re going to stay up for hours in the bathroom, reading from the tablet this record.

Before to write the diploma was a big deal. You went to the University library early in order to get the necessary books, and then in the evenings sat and looked for the grain. Now the diploma with rare exception represents any value, as it is entirely shameless plagiarism. Copied from Internet and pasted. No, the point is not to humiliate, but to remind you that all the benefits you can obtain free access without registration and SMS. Dream to immigrate, but do not know the language, please hundreds of resources to help you. You can watch video tutorials, and can study via Skype. Want to impress people with your erudition? Hundreds of online libraries to help you. Even pseudomuscari teach the party any songs with video lessons. Real musicians, these lessons are taught. And any graphomaniac, that is not better described by the personalities may tirelessly to crow on the subject «fucked up» generation.

Do what you want, because everything is at hand and almost for free. And if something is, it is not fabulous money. Nevertheless, we ignore this knowledge, choosing consumer goods, free porn and Aliexpress. The world is changing with amazing speed, every day there are new discoveries. But above this is only a small part of people. The rest only have the brains to argue themselves hoarse, what’s better: they bought an Android or Iphone. You say that this situation was at all times? Absolutely true! Only in these times the main asset of the majority was a kerosene lamp and books and education were available only to nobility.

Now the middle class goes to College on a specialty that does not like, finishing it with troechnik diploma, absolutely not understanding of their profession. The knowledge is there, but useless if you don’t even want to use them? To get a second? There’s no time? Mikhail Lomonosov in a relatively dark age he studied chemistry, physics and astronomy. It is named after a prestigious University, and your – you created a character in «The Sims».


The people as before were conducted on every Scam like «MMM», and now come in various pyramids. Even want to blame the peers that create these pyramids. Well, you come up with something new! So no, procrastinate proven scheme.

We just see his face when from their own comfort. Nothing from the surrounding wealth does not bring happiness. Some 80 years ago electrified the house gave its owner great convenience, but they drove him into depression, as it was extremely necessary thing. Now surrounded by unnecessary things people feel some confusion and emptiness. Staying in my apartment, but there is no happiness, to communicate with people who don’t want to, but the work is not brings joy. Gigabytes of porn and permissiveness completely kill the desire to build relationships. And you are smart enough to realize it, but not enough to change something.


A break after «head-on» collision with the brutal realities of life. High expectations fall, the word «promising» every year moving away farther. And you all sit and wait for the guru himself will find you, and give a magic formula to solve all problems. But just work hard and somehow to influence his life. Ask for help-this is not the case.

By the way, today’s fashionable cynicism is another excuse generation that sees the world as bleak and hopeless a large manure pile. They had been told the study: do not know how to enjoy life – make it a trend. These cynics now the afternoon with fire will not find. Mostly just insecure soplezhui. But the majority of them.

Well, the biggest problem with generations is a proverbial question: «Why not me?» Units programmed for creativity. Zuckerberg, Moscow and Breen at all times was not enough. As imitators. But the only problem is that people deliberately go the beaten track and trying to create their own «genius projects». However, reveling in its own genius, they do not notice the obvious: there is no difference. The same eggs, only boiled. And it starts whining on the topic: «Why he did it, and I don’t?» It’s simple: he risked, he thought, planned, tried, and you took the idea, used, and changed nothing. A society accustomed to new, and competition does not tolerate the identical.

It would seem that the good must push us to new thinking, to open new spaces for action, to show very different options. But no one wants to look for them. All used to get ready and wait for inspiration. Well, those who are trying to think, is precisely the cause of the hysteria on the topic: «Why he did it, and I don’t?»


Each era has its own plague. Someone ate smallpox, someone fever, and this generation will destroy itself. Someone sarcastically say that it would not hurt to send the discontented in the camp. But send 3/4 of the population is stupid. There is a formula for happiness: Happiness = reality – expectations. The main thing – to stop being afraid of reality, stop daydreaming and to start something to do with myself. Well, and use data engineers and may God himself the good for really useful things, not only to learn the «why Buzova no children» (the second most popular query on the word «why» in Google).

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