Losing hair worthy: tips for balding dudes

how to go bald with dignity

Notice more hair on the pillow and in the bathroom? Some time you ignore. Then one day you look in the mirror and can’t deny it. You’re starting to go bald.

You’re not Samson, your strength is not in the hair, but still balding for men big psychological problem. For many, this is probably the first sign of aging. Baldness reminds us that the days of your youth come to an end. Besides, hair loss causes men to feel less confident and attractive.

Seeing as the skull begins to show through thinning hair, some men are lost and begin to value natural, grieve, unable to change the situation or accept it. They start to wear caps, wherever we go. And they begin to experiment with haircuts getting a haircut that was worn ten years ago, did not seem to understand that their thinning hair, it looks out of place. They can’t go bald with dignity.

Hundreds of millions of men suffer from baldness, and we thought that can alleviate the plight of some of them. What if you go bald? How to say goodbye to hair decently?

Find the cause

Say that the question is already half the answer, and the reason is half the solution. In many cases, baldness is not caused by heredity, and can make some steps to stop it. Another reason could be stress, in which case the massages and rest. Strange thing, but the stress greatly affects hair loss.

If you quieter the Dalai Lama himself, think about it, aren’t you taking any medications, among the side effects which are listed hair loss. It so happens that you stop the meds, and the hair returned. Of course, here the question is, what is more important, drugs or hair: because illnesses can be so serious that the rejection drugs can cause serious health damage. Consult with a doctor and try to find an alternative to these pills.

Another possible cause of balding is calcium deposits in the scalp. Calcium deposits clog the pores on the head, and the hair can’t break through it. To overcome these deposits, there is a simple recipe: you need to wet your head with warm vinegar, wrapping a hot towel and sit as a few minutes. After that, wash your hair with shampoo if you don’t want to smell like a pickled egg from our recipe.

If you’re not stressed, not on the pill and you have no calcium deposits in the scalp, you may have inherited this gift from other men in his family. There are many theories as to whose line is passed a bald head: female or male. Surely you heard that if the father or grandfather, your mother went bald, then you will find the same thing.

Thought will not inherit the bald head of his father, because the grandfather your mother brags curly hair in your 95? I hasten to disappoint you. A recent study found that the gene responsible for hair loss passed through the father. But to inherit it from the mother. In General, if you have bald relatives, and sooner or later you’re going bald.

Fighting with nature

So, genetics have doomed you to the baldness. What to do? If baldness bothers you, you can try testing your skills against mother nature.

Rogaine * (Rogaine ). This is the most famous cure for baldness, prevents hair loss, remaining hair. You can order it online and it will arrive to you directly from USA. Its biggest drawback is that you need to use it regularly, otherwise hair will start falling with a vengeance. So you should think twice. When you start to use drugs, the way back will be gone. In addition, the fun is not cheap. You have to invest a small fortune, if you want to keep your hair. Ask yourself, is it worth it.

Hair transplantation. Perhaps you remember the old ads? I was immediately reminded of a movie where black-and-white video shows the bleak everyday life of the balding guy, and then he transplant his hair, and the image regains paint. All these pictures «before and after» with a well-volosovski dudes. The point is, the doctor will transplant your hair on bald spot from the back: it just so happens that they fall less often. Theoretically, you will never go bald. What I want to say? With hair grafting you have to be careful. The results can look unnatural. Moreover, the operation is not cheap. 120 thousand Russian rubles.

Wig. Dudes who wear a wig, have always been the target of jokes. Remember the same poor Kobzon. And these jokes are understandable. Look of these wigs is usually to the extreme absurd and ridiculous. But if you try and have a good spend, you can get something suitable.


Best choice for man is to accept the fact that he’s balding and reconcile with him. It’s cheaper, it’s less work it does not cause such trouble. Do not look for the poison and paw the bat, need to change their vision problems. When you see that your hair is falling out, just remember that millions of men are already bald before you and still have a successful career, attracted to women (some even prefer bald), and generally kick ass. You don’t become less of a man because of hair loss, it’s nonsense. If you do not make baldness an event, nobody will show the finger at you.

Hairstyles for balding dudes

So you decided to come to terms with hair loss. Congratulations. You’re cool, my friend. But now how to cut hair? Here are a few suggestions.

General rule. Hair should be short. Short hair, smooth the fact that they left smaller, they stick out, and visually it seems that you have more hair than there actually is. Some guys don’t believe it and stubbornly refuse to change her hairstyle. But if you ever saw the dude with the curly hair at the back and bald in front, you realize that long hair only worsen the picture. Haircut short.

This is a General rule. You can use it in various ways.

1. Clean-shaven

smoothly povoleni

Bald hairstyle is a great choice for dudes who had already a lot of hair. Clean-shaven skull has its advantages. Now you won’t have to care, as are hair and what to do with them. You’ll be able to wash my hair just soap that you wash other body. In addition, clean-shaven skull carries information to the outside world. He is saying «I’m me. And I don’t care». Finally, a clean-shaven head may be advantageous to change your appearance and make you more memorable. Everyone will remember you as a bald man. Not a bad idea.

2. Hedgehog


If clean-shaven skull for you is too hardcore, you can try a simpler version and poprilichnee — hedgehog. It’s especially good when your hair falls out and becomes thinner with frequent haircuts strengthen them. The hedgehog looks neat and finished, you look more confident man, almost a member of fight club.

3. Caesar


How did you know that it is in honor of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. So shorn even George Clooney. Well suited for dudes who start to go bald from the crown, not the forehead. Hair as if to charge forward — elegant solution to the problem.

4. Shaggy layers

shaggy layers

Have you started to go bald, but not yet ready for the extremely short length? Here’s a compromise — a shaggy haircut. Ask the Barber to cut the top of the hair has uneven layers. When wash my hair, just dry your hair with a towel ointensive and whip them. This will hide the fact that they are thinning.

5. Roger Sterling


A good solution for balding dudes that still left the hair on the crown. At the top should be cut shorter, but leave the hair long enough to make a side parting. Boca is also shorter. The hairdresser must be skilled.

6. The mighty donut

the mighty donut

You can lighten up and allow the hair to fall out as they want. There is no need to try to avoid the only too obvious gaps in the middle of the rest of the hair — it will look weird. Sean Connery is a good example. There is something worthy in the man who is not worried about the look of his hair, going bald and going bald yourself, without losing confidence. He does, as I used to, not hanging in front of the mirror and does not interfere with the nature to go his own way. The world is more worthy of excitement of things.

7. Grow facial hair

Fox, borodaty

Many celebrities compensate for the lack of hair on the head hair on the face. Beard and sideburns draw attention to the face. Especially good in this respect, a mustache and a goatee. Here is a matter of personal preference.

8. Under any circumstances not sucesivas bald head

not sucesivas Lisin

Regardless of the hairstyle you never do that. Don’t think that tiny ponytail at the nape somehow compensate for your bald head. No, no and no again.

Ask your hairdresser on the Board next time when you go to get a haircut. Do not be shy, out with it like it is: he’s not blind. Look at him as a doctor he has met with this problem a thousand times.

And remember: you remain without hair the same man, what was with the hair. We believe in you, friend!

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