Looks like the man was hit by a car at 60 km/h?


No, dude, we’re not going to show you the seamy side and all that jazz, we’ll show you how one bro is lucky and simultaneously unlucky with the crossing. Of course, in Russia (this video is clearly here) there is a problem with pedestrian crossings, I’d say a big problem. But still usedonlarger problem we have with different idiots, who believe that the crosswalk is where a pedestrian crosses. And yet, this man convinced that he’s immortal. All we know about the hero of this movie — the fact that his name is Misha. This bro decided to shorten the route, after crossing the road. Apparently, he used to do it often. But the man on the machine seemed to think that Mike never finds itself under the wheels of the car, and at speeds of 60 km/h brought down our «hero». Mike made the air in a dizzying somersault and landed on his knees, tearing his jeans. Man yells obscenities good, but it looks relatively intact. If you have not heart sank when viewing this video, you must have no soul. Of course, Misha appears to be undamaged but who knows what internal damage to our hero?

Unfortunately, we don’t know where this event occurred and what happened with Misha on. Write us if you are in the subject.

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