Looking for a stone, and got God knows what

You probably know that the philosopher’s stone created Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel, and then safely destroyed. However, in those dark times when the most effective drugs the word of God and the bleeding, when a woman had the same rights as the furniture, searching for the philosopher’s stone was for people more important than coming up with ridiculous laws for deputies Mizulina and Milonov. The philosopher’s stone – the great goal, the quintessence of wisdom and enlightenment, a search which in fact was searching for the meaning of life and existence. For some it was a way to profit from the donations. However, during these searches were opened very important for humanity things.

1. From the urine – to glory


Who: simple German merchant Hennig brand

Searched: like any normal alchemist – the philosopher’s stone

Found: phosphorus

How such a thing could happen: the 17th century – the time of the dark. Kings patronized alchemists, so they searched for the philosopher’s stone – a mythical substance that turned everything into gold, and, according to some reports, endless life. After reading myths about the Greek king Midas, who touch turned everything into gold, and watching the disney cartoon «the Golden touch», the kings generously sponsored the research. Alchemists, most of whom were charlatans, generously used it. So simple the Hamburg merchant brand, whose business was, to put it mildly, not very («VI, I don’t know a lot about komeg C») decided to find yourself in another area. What does a businessman if his business failed? Here are 3 options:

a) noble saves the world from themselves, by suicide;

b) thumps and opens a new, is a monk, because there’s free food;

C) becomes a charlatan.

Brand chose the latter way and most fashionable profession of the season, the benefit that the alchemist was any more or less literate medieval kid. As already mentioned, all the alchemists sought the «philosopher’s stone». But the brand did not want to look fashionable then experiments on lead, for he was ambitious. The merchant thought, since man is the most perfect creation on earth, so the answer must lie in it. No, he has not started, as in «Perfume», to evaporate person. He agreed with the captain of the guard, who for a kind word, a few drops of vodka and a few thalers had his guards urinate in the bottle. Simply put, the brand acquired the «divine» fragrant trail of leaves in the courtyards, the hallways, doorways and near toilets in clubs «the most perfect creature on earth» and fun, skipping, arm in arm with two pissed bottles ran home.

Brand began to distill urine, add to the dry residue sand and coal, to heat up all without access of air, to distill and sublime the obtained components. Substances included in the composition of urine, broken up and new compounds, in turn, has entered into a new reaction, and finally one day brand found at the bottom of the retort, the long-awaited magical substance.

It was the philosopher’s stone – other opinions could not be. A pale yellow substance, which has a faint garlic smell that radiated in the dark magical greenish glow. Any object coming into contact with it, too, began to glow. And when he threw the miracle-substance in the water, there was a Shaitan over boiling water floated magically glowing green cloud! Even the village idiot, showing at the fair for the money its a causal place, I knew that was it! However, when faced with nothing turned to gold. Well, do not care, but yellow!

After the wizard has finished fiddling with the remnants of pisac, he realized that this can get rich. After all, the former businessman does not happen. The substance itself worth several times more expensive than gold, and people, even decades after the author’s death, paid a lot of money, just to admire the magical smoke over the flask of water and a mystical glow. A substance called brand quite modest, without pathos – «luminous». In Greek it sounds like «phosphorus». So the businessman-the loser came to success, enriched the periodic table new substance, simply because there were too squeamish to delve into bisakah, and what you want.

What is the importance of the opening: to Talk about the importance of phosphorus silly. It was supposed to create at least to ensure that the Baskervilles have something to smear a muzzle for my dog.

2. Jail with gunpowder


Who: Berthold Schwartz

I was looking for: the philosopher’s stone

Found: gunpowder

How such a thing could happen: so-so you will tell me now, that gunpowder was invented by the Chinese. But the old Europe has its own unique recipes for making gunpowder. As you know, in those times, science was driven by the monks. In the monasteries in the cosy cells day and night they sat over their work. However, this has not prevented them to profit from their discoveries, to visit brothels, mercilessly drink, although it is forbidden – in General, behave as an ordinary Minister of the ROC. Here and Schwarz, obsessed with scientific research and a desire to get rich, by day and by night looking for the proverbial stone. Studying chemistry and mocking substances, he angered not only his comrades, who, tired of the constant smoke, and accused him of witchcraft, but also the God of alchemy, because there is nothing normal never did. But the government and the Church listened to the accusations and just in case they put the jerk in jail. By the way, his name fully reflects the charges. Berthold Schwartz is Berthold Black in our opinion.

Resilient Schwartz even on the bunk abandoned their studies and it is unclear how taking substances and raw materials, began to try the most primitive methods of creating the stone. He found nothing better than to pound in a mortar sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal. It was already dusk and not to spoil his eyes, he lit the kindling. However, safety at the time did not know, and one of the sparks falling into the infernal mixture is ignited, Shrouding the room with white smoke. Miss you in prison for special effects Schwartz were very enthusiastic about what he saw, and, thinking that the answer is close, put the mixture in an iron vessel, scored the hole a wooden tube, and put on top of another stone. Then he began to heat the vessel. The mixture is ignited, burned his beard, the resulting gas blew the cork and threw the stone which struck the door of the room. So, along with gunpowder was invented the first gun. Secret interested in kurfust (ruler) and other serious people who wanted to be armed with a secret deadly weapon. I had to keep a secret, and that loquacious monk tell someone else, and take advantage. People at that time lived simple and solved the problem dramatically. According to legend, Schwartz put on a barrel with his invention and blew up.

What is the importance of the discovery: the Importance of gunpowder cannot be denied. First, the gunpowder learned to do in Europe, it is no longer necessary to purchase in Asia, rapid technological advances. And as a consequence, it began to destroy each other than successfully doing so far. Second, fireworks on the City Day, the mayor’s birthday and other national holidays.

3. Discovery-undiscovered


Who: Bernardo, the Good-natured of Treviso

I was looking for: the philosopher’s stone

Found: the secret of peaceful life and… the philosopher’s stone(?)

How such a thing could happen:I’m not joking, Bernardo was looking for the secret of a carefree life. No more or less useful discoveries. Can you tell me that you also know how to live carefree and without worries, but don’t write about you no manygoodtips.com neither in encyclopedias. But you just don’t spent all my life looking for the proverbial stone, you did not deny folks wouldn’t have declared you crazy. But about all under the order.

Alchemy in that terrible time, was interested not only monks, rogues and idiots, but also the clergy. Bernardo himself was Earl of a small brand, subject to incredibly steep at the time, Venice (Venetian Republic at that time, it twisted the whole Balkan Peninsula, spreading there love, and subjecting local residents of lask). Inspired by the «dark art» of turning the matter, he couldn’t help but give your mind, wealth and reputation. The poor alchemist had tried a number of methods, addressed to different treatises, but it was useless. In the 46 years from the former wealth of the count is almost nothing left. Relatives, as is customary in the Russian TV series, admitted he was crazy to preserve the remnants of the former luxury. Poor Bernardo went to travel, have traveled halfway around the world, like Fyodor Konyukhov, but never stopped looking for a way to create a large magisterii. In the end, found. Persistence, as you know, the city takes. And here, on the slope of life, the secret was revealed to him. And he, like a noble alchemist, no one told me how to do the proverbial stone. From a long journey to Bern went «trisulca», but because its full of allegories of the treatises is clear is that the spirit of LSD, describes the God of alchemy with the Golden lips, who let him in on the secret. But most importantly, through years of research and travel understand Bernardo, is the fact that carefree life you have to enjoy what you have. He wrote about this in his treatises, it is considered his greatest discovery. It was worth every hardship? Don’t know but sensible advice.

What is the importance of the opening: nothing. Just a bit of advice. And the stone has not been seen.

4. German fake


Who: Johann Böttger

I was looking for: the philosopher’s stone

Found: porcelain

How such a thing could happen: Porcelain has always been an overpriced and pretentious thing. Therefore, by importing it from China, the customer was given the glorious cheap Chinese labor hundreds of gold. Johann started in Berlin as another precursor of Mendeleev, looking for the damned stone. Having suffered a number of fiasco in his native Berlin, he immigrated in Sunny Saxony. Arriving there, he was shown the wonders of transmutation is in dire need of gold for the next war leader. Amazed Saxon gave the alchemist the title of Baron, and money for further research. The money was invested for the benefit of the case – in partying and girls. Soon means over. Young ladies, too. Böttger by the time I realized that the stone he does not find, and, yielding to the entreaties of his friend, a geologist, started to think how to make valued not less than gold porcelain. As a result of various wanderings, he learned that the so-called «Serovskaya earth», produced at Dresden, and used to pudrine wig was no worse material for the manufacture of excellent porcelain. Thus was created a cheaper alternative to the famous Chinese crafts, its characteristics are even superior to kaolin – breed, which in China was a well-kept secret. Since then it has gone myths about the German quality, and was created by the famous and insanely expensive of the Saxon, or Meissen porcelain.

What is the importance of the opening: May be, this study is not directly related to the stone, but if its Creator is not desperate, the Germans would not be able to be proud of… cups.

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