Looking for a job. Why is that bad?


This is one of the most unpleasant things for which I only had to deal with. On the one hand, the search for a new job is a new path, new opportunities, and with another — it’s a big job. You were an idiot, and you got fired or you resigned. Looking for work is a pain, it’s a long, driving in the depression, plunges into a frustrating process that will deprive you of rest and sleep.

The story

The longest part of the process. Hard and difficult to write about myself three paragraphs: what you can do, what you can do, what are your strengths and weaknesses — and not to give the impression that you’re begging to hire you. Why not just read the summary and understand, take you or not? Is your ability to write about yourself says something about you as a worker? Every time I’m thinking of changing jobs, I remember my first quest and realize how horrible it was. It was necessary to acquire bonds. It would be much better if you went and offered a job.

Description of previous jobs

And where I worked! And handed out leaflets, and a waiter, and in the printing were printed, and radio interview, and even in the publishing house lit up. And now we have to talk about all this. As a professional I passed the trays (why did he leave? And how this experience will help you on our jobs?). How well I can mount the audio (and the disks no longer in use? Why don’t work there anymore?). And the last lot: all these places were in a very different city, that brings us to the most interesting point: why do you even come here? In short, to talk about the previous place of work difficult. Sometimes then you start to talk in a condescending tone like: «is This your first full-time job, exalt us.» In General, to talk about their previous posts you’ll have. Money themselves in the pocket will not climb.

Telephone interview

Sometimes shit happens when you least expect it. No one warns you how much he calls and asks about you. Happened to me and such. One day I was looking for work and wanted to get a job as an English teacher in a private school. First, the call was unexpected. Second, from this surprise, I rattled off a bunch of stuff, which then could not remember. Thirdly, spontaneously tell about themselves in English — not what works for me best. Other experiences: I do not shout into the phone? I swallow too loud? I had closed the phone when he cleared his throat? They noticed how unnaturally I laugh? Why can’t they just take me? I seem them an idiot?


I hope you have a lot, otherwise you’re in deep shit. However, to make them hard. Have to constantly go to some events, guests, and God knows where. You will look like a horse, which is going to buy, evaluate, while dad patronizingly pats you on the shoulder, telling what you had done. Everything about something you ask, for example, if you were good enough in their specialty. A specialist diploma is not enough for you? Isn’t it?

Your parents

Every day mom and dad will ask you crucial questions. «Well, today I found an interesting option? Did you call that guy that I told you? You know I would help you, but will not be able to do this forever». They want the best for you. If you push yourself enough, your parents will help you with that and press it. You will be scared that you don’t please them, they will not understand and condemn. Of course, some time they will support you, but nobody’s patience is not eternal.

Filling out questionnaires

You’re going to spend hours in front of the computer, but it will not be «Vkontakte», Facebook, YouTube. You will move from one work site to another, filling in masses of forms and placing of the summary. And because each site is the same, but these forms are created so that copy-paste will not help. Like solve some test.

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