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manygoodtips.com_6.10.2014_HE6zxfzuXPB9wSocial networks are a powerful tool for anyone who works in sales, but also is a great search engine for those seeking employment.

Dismissal would be a serious blow for your self-worth.

Although the cause of job loss may be out of your control, this situation can drive them to despair any with the elements of introspection and acts of desperate pulling of hair on the head.

No one will condemn you for what you did not want to share such news, but believe me, sometimes the power and strength of social networking has no boundaries. Someone looks through the «Contact» porn, and someone strongly establishes public relations and is looking for people who have something to offer to the seeker in exchange for something.

If you already sent out your resume to all recruiting sites, and proposals as it was not, and no, maybe it’s time to tell others about their situation and accept the help?

It may well be that you have to communicate with people you haven’t said a word in the last ten years, but I do know that things are going well, and some of them are still in your friend-list. In the worst case you will ignore, but at best half an hour of small talk will manage to feel the soil under your feet and smoothly transition to a particular question.

Basic network tools

1. LinkedIn

«The sleeping giant of social networks» — so dubbed this resource the English press, but, despite the «tihost», LinkedIn provides more and more influence, linking the head-hunters and job seekers, recruiters, colleagues, competitors, brands and whole industries.

The average LinkedIn user spends on the network is much less time than the average user of FaceBook or Vkontakte. There are no many vyser clear patsanski public, funny videos, pictures of Boobs and cats or shares. People come here to do business.

Director LinkedIn repeatedly said: «we Have no purpose to delay the user for as long as possible on our website. We want the person came in, did what he needed for a few minutes and continued my day».

This social network will give you the opportunity to:

  • to be presented through existing contacts and expand communication;
  • to search companies, people, interest groups;
  • to publish a professional resume and your job search;
  • recommend and be recommended;
  • post job vacancies;
  • to create interest groups (for example: the Russian connection, Russian speaking professionals abroad, Harvard Club of Russia, etc.).

In General, this is a very interesting website for those who want to increase their chances in finding a suitable job.

2. Facebook


For the vast majority of this resource is place for communication and not territory for establishment of business.

But those who are in the majority are not included, well aware of how it is a great platform to promote your business, advertising and expanding client base with the right approach and a well thought out plan.

This social network contains a much larger segment of the business successful people than our Facebook, which, as it seems sometimes, in addition to students have no one left.

When earlier this year Facebook was introduced a new search tool Graph, some people were worried about how it may affect privacy. The Graph facilitates to others the task of searching for publicly available information: it is bad if you do not understand their personal preferences, but it’s good that you are in search for a new job.

As more recruiters turn to Facebook in search of talented professionals, it is very important to regularly update your profile and add relevant information. Make sure you fill in all the important sections: «education», «experience», «qualification» and «foreign languages». The more significant information you «upload» to your profile, the more chances you have for success.

3. Twitter

Twitter has surrounded himself with a fair amount of hype about its potential and possibilities. We will not go into discussion about what this Eulogy is very swollen, and just say that this resource is well indexed by search engines, and this is another useful attempt to expand its Internet presence in order to find a decent job.

Technical specialists of various large companies often host hashtags with job openings on Twitter, which to find is not difficult.

Start by searching hashtags related to it industry and the words with «#jobs»/»job» or «#jobsearch»/»job search».

4. MySpace

By population» this site is much smaller than the previous one, but the indicators of its growth is slowly but surely creeping up. You can find people here that are not in other social networks, because they prefer, if I may say so, a more intimate form of social life.

5. YouTube


Probably not the best place to stir my summary, but if you’re trying your hand at marketing, try to record a creative video that represents you as an excellent professional who is not afraid of a creative and original approach. The roller, with thousands of viewing will be an excellent addition to your resume, and perhaps a cause that will help you in the search.

6. Moikrug


Social network Runet «My circle» is much closer to a professionally-oriented than its other compatriots. This website can be called, albeit loosely, analogous to LinkedIn.

The founders believe all the people on Earth are familiar no more than six handshakes. It is on this principle here and build a contact list. Personal acquaintances make up the first circle of contacts, friends of friends — a second, followed, respectively, third, etc. Person on the sixth handshake (on the sixth circle of contacts) can theoretically be any man in the world. Service can be extremely useful not only for personal communication, but also in finding new employees, work, new business partners.


Another important element of the network mechanism, which has confidently occupied its niche and each year catches the millions of Internet surfers in your network. The only time — filling your page with good content, you will be able to boast in the future before a potential employer, requires careful planning and quality of writing, but this activity is not for one hour.

Page decoration


Appearance — this is important. Minutes, during which you have the chance to make a first good impression is short. No one will dig deeper to go to know that you are in fluent in five languages, one of which, Swahili, and you’re a crazy workaholic who is ready to plow without lunch breaks. A potential employer evaluates your appearance, demeanor, tone of voice, handshakes and even a lot of verbal and non-verbal signs to solve (literally less than three minutes), if he wants to work with you or not.

I do not think that virtual communication is not the case. Check your albums and photos. Let the major stands clear digital picture, preferably in a decent costume without the fangs on his face. Remove all the dirt, even if these images are in closed access.

Remember that we all live in a large village, where the casual acquaintance of your friend, the friend may be a friend of the person with whom you plan to communicate.

It’s like a time bomb: you never know when and where to explode.


E-mail address, signature, and contact phone (if it’s acceptable) — mandatory information that should be freely available and prominently displayed.


Put your status as «looking for a job (as something)». Friends write personal messages and ask them to share information about what you’re in active labour search, «like» or retweet your article. This post should contain a concise and meaningful information about what kind of job where you looking for and what is your experience. You must also provide a link to the summary (for example, on some website to find work) or to upload your. doc file to give a link to it.


Subscribe to updates of any group in your region, where employers post jobs and job seekers — resume.

Such groups are, for example, in «Vkontakte». In the most popular groups with thousands of members, and vacancies are published one after another, but to offer their services in mass groups of General enrichment orientation is ineffective, because your message will just get lost among the large number of proposals from other applicants.

Besides, it is only suitable for candidates without experience or with minimal experience who are applying for the position of promoters or representatives of network marketing.

Put information about yourself in a specialized group (albeit with a smaller number of participants), where all vacancies for specialists in a particular field.

Also join the group of recruitment agencies, job websites, publications and vacancies. There can not only publish posts on different topics, but also jobs (depending on the specific page or group).


And finally, with the help of social networks you can go directly to the employer. Through the official pages of companies and profiles of their employees, including former, to inquire, to find the right person, and then to contact him.

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