Look for signals: how to understand, what she’s interested in you?

manygoodtips.com_7.04.2014_xYRZukeiBLYseOur fellowship is a set of symbols and signals. This may seem silly because we never think of symbols and signals — they themselves understand. Human communication is 55% nonverbal cues, 38% words 7% are a manifestation of the unconscious, which actually means nothing. This indicator works on some devices, which burns rather, in order to calm you down.

People are bastards and hypocrites. Horseradish will understand what they really mean. You think all is well, and then they’re like «Game of thrones» a knife in the back thrust. And it was necessary nonverbal cues to look for. To go deeper, of course, not worth it, but only listen to the words too. Terribly difficult life is gone!

Needless to say, if you want to know whether you’re a woman, you should focus on non-verbal signals that she sends you. No lady you did not really tell me what she wants from you, even tried it! Here we will give you 10 proven ways to tell if a woman consciously and unconsciously interested in you. Motel on a mustache, man! It is understood that, if a girl did all this in a single case, it means nothing.

1. Touching hair

Yes, this is an old topic. Forty years of ongoing research in the field of verbal and non-verbal signals successfully proved that the touch of the hair during the date — this is the sign by which to determine what Yes! The girls hair is like the tail of the cat, the index of emotions and current status. To draw attention to the need for gentle light stroking of the hair, tilting them back and neat facility strands behind the ear. Also the hair can be determined that she is bored — the girl scratching the base of the neck, which passes into the hair. Touching the hair works in the same way men have, all that we inherited from primates.

2. The lip lick.

So the girl shows that is highly interested in you. It might have to do with oral contact, we will not go. And maybe she just wants to kiss. But if a girl does it really often, maybe it’s just a bad habit.

3. Teasing

Shows language, smiling, laughing or teasing you. When one person teases another is always a reaction test. Often completely unconsciously. The girl is so cunning wants to provoke you for a reaction, most often positive. Sometimes very decisive action — so you pulled her down and kissed her. Maybe that’s what she wants? It is still worth to be careful, maybe it’s just a test? The main thing is not to take to heart, on offended water carry.

4. Moving closer

We all have personal space, which not everyone wants to let someone far away.

A simple physical approach to another person shows how close we let him in and how we like it. Physical proximity increases attraction between two people. When a woman deliberately moves closer to you, she likes you and she tries to make you feel the same way. Let her do this step if your feelings are mutual, however, if you don’t like the invasion of personal space, this may be an alarming indicator. Maybe it is you and not sweet at all. If a girl moves away from you when you get there, most likely, you’re reading her signals wrong.

5. She actively shares information with you

You dumped her, and she shared with you about the same amount of knowledge or even more? Everything goes according to plan, comrade! She has a positive attitude towards you. If the person we love, we always share with him something, though not too deep, but personal. Girls love to talk about themselves much more than men. If she doesn’t like you she will be very restrained. All of these: «uh-huh!», «Nice», «fun» is the indicator that you it is not nice. Here and do not need to guess — one hundred percent hit. If she actively shares information with you, but trying to feed you food from his plate or buy you a beer, you have it whyyyyyyy!

6. A very active part in the conversation

Active even for the usually unsociable girls. Forget about all these pikaparkki things. Sometimes, as you’re the girl of any approach, as you may neither touch nor smile — all to no avail. One-word answers, no smiles, restraint — all this clearly gives to understand that you’re not welcome here. But the smile, laughter, and active participation in the discussion is the indication that she feels at ease and she is comfortable with you.

7. Open position

If a girl is uptight, puts between you and some object, sitting sideways or crosses his arms — all bad. In turn, open posture, head turning and body in your direction suggesting that she’s glad to see you and communicate with you.

8. Imitation of your gestures

Another inheritance from our ancestors-primates. When we repeat the movements and words, it is a sign of great sympathy. Women often do that when something is asked of us. You touch the face — it concerns the person, it gives you the feeling of a warm home atmosphere and a sense of kinship. She mirrors your body language and because you seem close-minded person. Sometimes this is a blatant lie.

9. Head tilt with a smile

Another Flirty gesture that was clearly described and investigated by scientists interested in non-verbal behavior. This means that you caught her attention and do everything right. Paired with «shooting» eyes, this combination can be incredibly attractive to us men. And girls know it.

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