Long-distance relationships


In fact, I’m the man who with great difficulty and with a good ending, survived long-distance relationships. The reason why I got away with it, simple, I moved in with a girlfriend in the city. And quite satisfied with life. Let’s face it, long-distance relationships have little meaning. 98 percent of them end in nothing but Heartbreak. What at first seems exciting and romantic adventure, in fact, is time consuming and difficult.

Problems in long distance relationships grow to obscene proportions

Any failure in your relationship (jealousy, inattention) increases on an industrial scale, when we talk about distance relationship. The problem is quite obvious: you can’t control it when there. Any «today I will not be able to get on Skype because I go with friends to the movies» will make you jittery. Who are these friends, what do they do? If she doesn’t reply you SMS per hour, in ordinary life, we can easily excuse that, but not in the long-distance relationship. Such relationships make all the little loonies.

You will become a hopeless romantic

If you never imagined how every Sunday to watch movies on Skype, you have to learn. You will be pretty to show each other your purchase through the chamber, will think about buying a camera with better resolution and a large viewing angle. You will learn to Express your emotions with emoticons and words by means of SMS. You almost entirely will be electronic by sending her gifts-order through Ebay. Rare meeting you will hold with the highest degree of originality. You’ll meet her gorgeous bouquets of flowers, not just flowers, and her favorite colors. You will gather in her e-ticket and take vacations and time off as often as possible. YOU will visit all the cultural places, a pleasure to drink mulled wine surrounded by candles and lots of it. Other relationships you’re going to demand the same. But they’ll teach you how to be romantic really. By the way, I do not think it is hopelessly stupid, but the kisses into the camera will be common to you ways to Express your love.

You’ll love and hate equally technology

I well save money on phone calls via Viber and Skype. But I had a complete disappointment Internet service providers. Constant disc, despite the fact that I was paying for a very high speed. The picture is often lost, there is a problem with sound, silly the transfer of the color camera. Also don’t forget, girls can be problems with the Internet, so your good online situation does not correct. New camera, a lot of money on a regular phone, a good phone with Internet, to be able to photograph something and send it to a friend. Stupid Internet, network problems, lack of Internet in some days can drive you crazy. I’m serious!

It’s really expensive

Despite the fact that there are many free ways to communicate, I still realized that long-distance relationships are one of the most expensive ways relationship. Regular phone calls you can not avoid ever. During these phone calls a few times to run to recharge your phone on a round sum. Once I put 1000 rubles (in life not so much put on the phone) and lowered them in one call. You’re tempted to call her when you return home after the pub to share how you feel good and show her that you’re not tempted to meet women. She will call you, telling their impressions of the film. And it will cost a lot of money even when you have taken care of the rates. But the biggest expenses you will have when you want to come to her across the country. The tickets are pretty expensive as the train and plane. But you need to bring gifts.

You appreciate each other

The big plus in this relationship. You will both really love each other to see. You will run to the station with pounding hearts to see each other. The time spent together and all the enjoyable moments will be long awaited and very well received. Because you finally saw each other through Skype and can even touch each other.

Survival in a long-distance relationship is the most important test facing your relationship. Most of them, like I said, don’t end anything, except broken hearts. But if you want to survive long-distance relationships so that they are moved into regular relations, you need three things: patience, trust, and good Internet.

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