Lizards on Mars?

Mars lizzard1806937314

Despite all the statements of science fiction, despite the fact that going to Mars to fly, this planet is poorly suitable for life. Its atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide, the day temperature is 30 degrees, and at night — 80 degrees Celsius. In short, to live there is extremely difficult.

But recently, in all seriousness from the Rover came another extremely suspicious the with amazing content. In the picture flaunts spotted something vaguely resembling a lizard. The situation was commented above, noting that the water on Mars is in extremely small quantities, and the total temperature is reminiscent of the climate in the deserts of the Sahara type, so (in theory) possible. Then, the network appeared the «original» photo, on which not the slightest trace of Martian lizard». What the fuck? To whom now to believe?

In General, waiting for the flight to Mars and other information from the red planet:: I wonder the same, we are one or not.

Mars lizzard1052732527

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