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Russian athletes have always been famous and appreciated all over the world. And before the revolution, wrestlers and strongmen were sort of pop stars. Their biographies were published in great quantities and in great demand, and the army of fans were often so huge that modern boxers and wrestlers can only silently envy. Therefore, it is useful to know the champion’s daily routine and training system, through which simple athletes became powerful of the titans, whose strength and stature would have envied «mortalkombat» Goro.

1. Alexander Zass


Legendary strongman, circus artist and just a good man Alexander Zass went down in history under the eloquent pseudonym «the Amazing Samson» and «Iron Samson». The famous fighter was always attracted to power stunts, which he loved to watch the circus. So many of his exercises were done with an eye to the spectacular antics of acrobats and strongmen.

During his long and successful career Zass tried many techniques and methods. And it’s hard to say, which brought him his greatest success. Each was good in its own way. But it is important to consider one thing, about which Alexander has to say for himself:

«I never wanted big muscles, considering that the most important is strong tendons, will power, the ability to control her muscles. When I started performing in the circus as an athlete, I had a biceps only 38 centimeters. But the public view is needed, and I had to increase them to 42 cm due to the exercises with dumbbells and exercises samoopredelenie.»

All their shells Zass was done mainly by myself. So, with the help of a friend the blacksmith was made ball rod, this what Alexander saw circus athletes. The balls were hollow and could be filled with sand. So changing the weights. Grif rod does not rotate, making it difficult to perform certain exercises, such as lifting barbells on his chest. Homemade was the bulldogs (the so-called dumbbell weighing more than 16 kg). Them Alexander was a set of 16, 24, 40 lbs., Great attention Zass was paid to the development of finger strength. Instead of the expander always wore a thick «Arab» ball, which squeezed with your fingers. Trained extreme phalanges of exercises to samoopredelenie and twisting fingers of the chain links. In further tearing of the chains with your fingers was always in his repertoire.

Working in the circus, Zass continued to study methods of training all athletes, with whom he had to meet. He studied their data, sought to understand why different exercises have different effects on the growth of muscles and results. But the main in his Arsenal he considered endurance exercise. That’s right: endurance and tendons, not bloated muscle, make a fighter a champion. Great attention to the «Samson» was given breathing exercises that promote muscle development, which is involved in the process of respiration, increased mobility chest. The so-called excursion of the chest (difference in chest circumference between inspiration and exhalation) of the «Samson» 23 cm. Largely thanks to a powerful sternum Zass could break chains, tied his powerful body.

2. Nikolay Vakhturov

But the student of the legendary Poddubny – not less legendary strongman Nicholas Vahturov – had their own methodology. Rather, it’s not even a system of training, but a routine schedule that allowed by nature powerful loader to become world champion. The daily routine of a person who easily threw two-pound weight through the train carriage was:

The rise in 8 hours. Then, after water treatment, a one-hour walk (though in any weather). Hereinafter, sitting by the samovar, where athlete drank 4 glasses of sweet tea. After such energy consuming things you need, of course… no, not to eat, and relax. Half an hour in bed, and only then for one hour sessions with pound dumbbells. The best option – not too heavy, not to dwindle in the beginning of the working day, but «fluff» is difficult to call. Although for a person who could easily carry on his back a ship anchor, it’s just a speck of dust. Then running in place with deep breathing 15 minutes. Next – hygiene. As in 1915, it was quite expensive and inconvenient to wash up 2-3 times a day, Vakhturov just ostirala a wet towel and went for a walk for half an hour is the best cardio workout.

After a walk athlete for twenty minutes pulled special rubber (something like the expander), push-UPS on chairs 50 times and 5 minutes jumping over the chairs.

Then the best part – air bath followed by rubdown with Cologne. In our time, wipe Cologne has become unfashionable, but in vain – cool gets the blood pumping. You can use alcohol or vodka, of course, if not sorry. Then the reading of Newspapers, accompanied by four cups of tea, and going to work in the circus (before fighting in the circus). And the next day, in the morning, the man practiced in the fight and pulled the enemy up 20-25 times. Choice unfortunate sparring partners was not, had to endure. Jog, walk and all the first.

That’s the system that helped Vahturov to be in great shape up until his tragic death in a car accident.

3. Jan Krause


The legendary athlete, although a German by birth, but has worked exclusively in Russia. And in the end, we believe the natives of the Baltic States their. Moreover, born in Riga Krause set a record on the Russian platform. The main reason for his success, Jan was considered the way of life, which he followed until the end of his short but very bright century (only 27 years).

Not too early Wake up at 8am, Breakfast of Champions, which includes two glasses of course, sweet tea, bread with butter and two eggs. Then there was the service (weightlifting – a noble hobby), then lunch. Surprisingly, Krause ate little meat, but a lot of greens, fruits, vegetables and buckwheat. As he said: «I have a good Appetite, only eats their fill, and rise from the table feeling that you could have to snack». Then at leisure, afternoon tea milk with black bread, a good long walk and a three-hour training session in a rather later time – from 8 to 11 PM. Most surprisingly, Krause trained 2 times a week. And gravity took an hour and a half. Same on free movement. The absolute champion of Russia could not stand squeezing, and absolutely did not use weights, considering them unnecessary scrap in the Arsenal of the athlete, weight lifter. And going to bed at 12 at night.

What is the result? The title of world champion at the age of nineteen years, honor and respect.

4. George Gakkenshmidt

Another Baltic German, an athlete and a fighter, which was referred to as the «Russian lion», conscientiously devoted all of his free time training.

Of course, the legendary athlete was by nature endowed with NEGURA force. But the real transformation of the big guy in Hercules began after he took over Dr. Krajewski, who without steroids turned wrestler «the walking wardrobe».

In the first place – diet. For Gakkenshmidt cooked majority the broth, and the dish was vyparilas of several kilograms of meat. Although some sources claim that George was a vegetarian. Fed Gakkenshmidt sure to the slaughter, not forgetting to get to train with an average weight twice a day, 2-3 hours in the morning and afternoon. Most interesting is that the athlete worked every day on the rings. As you can see, strongmen considerable importance is given to hygiene of the body. The cold bath was mandatory daily ritual. Well, about a walk and say nothing. As you already know, daily, the promenade is the key to success. But gakkenshmidt dumbbells, then worked very little, but great attention was paid to squat with a barbell behind the shoulders – it was at the time of kettlebell training Gakkenshmidt. With the fight then the situation was worse: to train seriously was not with anyone, had limited training in a friendly circle Krajewski and Athletic society, running, and jumping. It’s time for real wrestling training came to Gakkenshmidt since his American tour, when he began to train with Dr. Roller – the best representative of freestyle wrestling. Every day, every morning, Hackenschmidt and Roller, warmly dressed, ran about an hour without rest. It was followed by the training fight, and then massage. After the massage – free movements on the system a Dane Muller and bathroom.

All these measures made him a true living legend. So, in order to live and eat to much free time and a lot of money. Fortunately, the fees George let him in what does not deny.

Once on the road in Samoa he liked the local king, that he immediately offered George the Royal title, and in addition harem, which he collected at his discretion. George politely declined. While at Manchester he was attacked by a gang of 6-7 goons with whom he dealt in a few minutes. Here is the practical application of innate power.

5. Ivan Spool

Talked a lot about Ivan Spoule that he seems to be cast steel. His routine close to those of the morning starts not before 12 hours. Spool went up at 12, took an air bath, wrung from the floor and chairs at least 100 times. In contrast to the aforementioned colleagues, he complained of a dumbbell. Then took a cold shower, were pulverized with a towel until the redness, drank two bottles of hot milk with cream and sugar (the tea is mainstreme). That was followed by a Breakfast of eggs, vegetables, flour and fruit. A two-hour walk, often fend on running. At the end of the sessions with heavy weights, fighting exercises within 30-40 minutes after a short break – 100 jumping jacks. Then a 10 minute run. As we can see the slow walk he never really complained. Then again, shower, traditional strongmen rubbing Cologne, a walk, lunch. A little break from the «Herculean» by the pool table, then making money on a wrestling Mat in the circus, regular rubbing of the body, but this time with alcohol. Dinner – green eggs (athletes loved to lean on useful herbs), two bottles of milk with cream and sugar at night, half-hour walk before bedtime and lights out. Ivan tried to go up to 2 hours a night, because they believed that he, to sleep, to not less than ten hours.

Here’s a straightforward routine. Interestingly, Spol paid much attention to eating and strongly emphasized one interesting detail: it is very long and careful chewing of food – note to fans of deepthroat for Breakfast soon.

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