Live as a homeless person, spend like a king spend money accounts. It would be strange if I didn’t have. To spend money wisely, many will not learn, it seems, never. Seems they live an independent life, but still can’t calculate the budget so that half of the month doesn’t suck paw. An adult knows when you can and want to spend money, and when costs need to be reduced to an absolute minimum or even abandon them in this time. We often write about things which makes sense to give up, but not so often write about those that may wish to invest. And their enough! If you spend money on these things, then the results openly to be proud of.

1. High-quality business or formal wear

Even if you work in the most liberal of groups and nobody will be surprised if I saw you in the workplace in Hiking boots and a t-shirt with Heisenberg, business suit is extremely important for any guy. Why have her around? Just in case! There are times when you urgently need something official and businesslike, but it is not. So it was promptly bought for a penny, turning your head a type of Ted from the TV series «Clinic». Well-chosen costume gives you the kind of dandy, the kind of aristocrat who, in a break from love with the city girls is on the loft, and writes a regular blank verse or think about the fate of the country. However, a poorly fitting suit will make you look pathetic and not cool.

The business attire adds to the professionalism, even if it is bought on sale in the store. If you don’t want a full costume, you can always buy a jacket in a boxy cut. The same applies to high-quality business shirt with crisp collar. Imagine that you get to your dream job, there is some, though not a strict dress code. What should I do? Clothes make the man, man!

2. Bills for Internet and phone

To call and hang up — it is unworthy of a normal friend. Also, do not leave messages with the text: «Call me back urgently!» Money on the phone need to cast once and not regret the cost, otherwise at some point it will be difficult to call a taxi or someone to make an urgent call.

This also applies to accounts via the Internet that it is advisable to pay on time, so you do not sit and wait for the sea weather. Talk about dependence on the Internet have no meaning here, Internet. Download some information, to view the instructional video or news use the Internet enough, if not to get involved in social networks.

3. Holidays in other countries and travel

Even if you have lots of it spent on a trip to other countries, remember pleasant memories more than anything else. Even if you know you overpaid, I never regret about it! Even if you stole a purse and you barely made it to their native lands, in the future it will be a wonderful memory.

4. A good mattress

Quality bed, nice bed linen and a wonderful mattress will make your sleep calmer, better and deeper. This may partly reduce the harm from the small amount of sleep that you can afford with your schedule. Very poor mattress with indentations, which for some reason pulls to call «bedsores», will give you bad sleep and pain in different parts of the body.

5. Road trip to a distant city

Usually long trips and are well. If you’ve always wanted to go to Australia, New Zealand or Japan, and your dream suddenly came true, but you actually spent a decent amount of money to regret it is not only pointless, but somehow cool. I wish you were happy that I was able to fulfill his dream and not have to focus on the little things. That’s all that matters.

6. New computer

If the computer is updating, then it is for something you need! It just so happened that personal computers became a working station and a small station for entertainment. Computer games, work, fast surfing on the Internet — in all of this is about the end of all that progress. Change all stuffing of a computer, another question, how often. If your computer have changed and can not be without it, do not think that it is a waste of money.

7. The need to move out from the companion and to spend money to pay a bigger apartment

If you graduated from University, and you have a woman you want to live, you should think about a larger apartment, and no neighbors. When you’re alone, live with friends is fine when you’re with a girl, to live with friends becomes much more difficult. There may be quarrels, fights, but most important: you need a personal place! If you have to move out and spend money on a great apartment, don’t be sorry: you get more legroom, you can walk in shorts, but you can do without them. And it’s really worth paying, believe me! The convenience of taxis.

8. A subscription to a decent gym

First you think to spend money on a gym would be pointless, because «do not want to become a juicer and blah-blah-blah». But when life leads you to the office or to the gym, and you fall in love with the process, you think any gym is a great theme. But you quickly come to the conclusion that to spend money on the place where the section for work with free weights is quite spacious and large, there is not one bench, and much more still makes sense. Come to the gym after work, and it’s crowded, and if you have to wait your turn at the shop, not for long. By themselves, physical exertion is another way to self-improvement, is it worth to spend on this?

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