Little girl, big stink and $ 2,500

What happens in this scary America? Lack of spirituality? Debauchery? Stink! 12-year-old girl from Las Cruces, new Mexico, proudly raised the wrapped adhesive tape is contaminated to the great horror of running shoes. So the girl was proclaimed the winner of Odor-Eaters National Rotten Sneaker Contest, a competition for the most stinky sneakers. Hmm, dude!

Girl Jordan Armstrong prepared for the contest thoroughly. She spent two years (!!) wore these shoes everywhere. You say you also wore some running shoes two years, and Americans at all insolent, but she wore those shoes everywhere, in any weather, in any season and at any occasion. Without removing! Jordan even slept in sneakers! Here it is, the stinking will win! The girl received $ 2,500 and movie tickets. Second place went to the guy who got $ 1,500. They say that the stench was incredible.

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