Literature courage

We are often asked about books: what to read, – man, – for determination and confidence. Like a lot of questions, and answer every probably wrong because you will have to repeat the same thing. So we decided, my friend, to write a separate text about the brave books which helped us to cope with difficulties in life that fall on the heads of every guy.We will not hide the list of books is subjective, and impossible to find a universal recipe for all categories of readers However, we have tried to mention only an interesting and useful reading. I think some of the things presented to you will really help.

1. Stories Ambrose Bierce

Collections of Beers you can download or find in stores. He is not well known to the General public, like some Jack London, but the translations of his texts still available on our book market.

Birs was a famous satirist and pamphleteer, but his literary reputation, he is obliged dark and violent stories. Most of them are somehow connected with the Civil war and is the most vivid and accurate picture of what ever this event occurred in the literature.

– HP Lovecraft –Abros Beers took part in the Civil war on the side of northerners, and even took a bullet in the head. Died? No, survived and went to fight on. But the attitude of the war he was certain, and it is easy to read in his stories: war is stupid and absurd. The writer has never belittled his opponents, appreciating them as victims of circumstances. And more interestingly, the Beers still manages a fairly realistic scenes to bring a certain mystery, mystique. This, of course, is the artistic element, the tradition of literature of horrors. But if we talk in General about the inheritance, then this author always spoke about the courage and the time when courage meant something.

2. «Boxing series» — Robert Howard

Recently this author had a birthday, and his legacy is actively discussed in various science fiction magazines worldwide. This is not surprising: Solomon Kane and Conan the Barbarian all the same. But it is fair to remember that Robert Howard wrote not only about large swords, rivers of blood, black magic and harpies. He has, in addition to fantasy craziness, was a great realistic stories about the cruel world port of boxers. If you’re a little testosterone, then look for stories where the main character is Steve Costigan.

So probably the reading is not intellectual. Fighting, punching, Boxing, but we’re increasingly convinced that this literature makes only a positive effect on your health and psyche. And finally, think about what the men were up to all this political correctness.

3. «South of the North» by Charles Bukowski

Bukowski stories to be read, in our opinion, all the guys who are only familiar with the pleasures of an independent life: with alcohol, with women, with routine, with work and with the collapse of their dreams, when you realize that you’re not a rock star, and a paralegal in one of the thousands of offices. Bukowski teaches us to treat serious subjects lightly, says it’s easier to look at life, because such a view is correct. To some extent, his works are filled with treatises on independent courage when you understand that the withdrawal of girls from you – not the end of the world, and amazing luck, but your work that it seems a chore, no better and no worse than other work, and you can always quit, but not quit. «South of the North» is a wonderful collection, like everything else from the author, and we recommend it to you!

4. «Profiles in courage» by John f Kennedy.

The book is very Patriotic (from the point of view of an American) and at least useful from the point of view of a Russian citizen. We all know about the Kennedy assassination (conspiracy, the Freemasons, the gunners had three!), but almost no one knows what kind of ideas were in the mind of the person why he challenged the usual principles and why believe in your strength. A book of his own, he wrote it without the aid of «literary blacks» (as the text testifies) when the nomination for President had a long and difficult path of political struggle.

The text raises the problem of political courage, talking about the outstanding figures of the States. But one policy is not limited to Kennedy, he talks about the nature of courage and its meaning. Of course, with an emphasis on the democratic system and its people. But this is a significant advantage for us as readers, because there is so much we miss out on attention, limited only by the available information resources and official positions of our media. The book will help you to know better the most important (at the moment) antagonists of our state.

5. «To have and have not» by Ernest Hemingway

Everyone knows the novels «a farewell to arms!» and «For whom the bell tolls», but in 1937, the old Ernest wrote a great story about no-choice, which is called «to have and Have not». In it we are confronted with the reality that see every day, but try not to take it. Of course, it the work is not only about a simple fisherman who got into trouble, but economic inequality in modern society, about the distribution of wealth and of justice. And what quality might characterize her husband fully, if not justice?