Line of products to care for themselves from Carlsberg

Line of products to care for themselves from Carlsberg

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2015_mJltau9uS76aBGuys, guys, guys! And what it is going on! You will see what happens! Carlsberg began producing cosmetics on the basis of beer! The brewing company has been producing cosmetics!!! On the basis of Beer!

And now the caps:


And not for nothing old drunk said beer is good for health, and he drinks just because he wants to be immortal. It turns out that the proteins and minerals that make beer a great drink, also perfect for skin care. Now you are drunk and smelly, just going in the shower. Isn’t it a miracle, Hallelujah! Danish cosmetics for real men, who love their flesh, and beer!

Sho they have? But look what they have. What… shampoo! After all, this is just fabulous, stand soapy head, drink beer and feel like a big beer power turns you into a Bor-man! Air conditioning! Body lotion… WHAT?! BODY LOTION!? And they’re out of your mind!?!?!? It’s not — not a man – lotion to smear. Well, if the shower gel but the lotion… Although once live, have to take a couple.

Generally, the brewery suggests that the entire set is aimed at men, so don’t be shy, order. Although an employee of the Copenhagen laboratory Zoran gojkovic said that the beer is actually almost the most useful alcoholic product. So, it may be easier to pour a beer in the bathroom?

Each product contains 0.5 l of Carlsberg premium, smeshannogo with organic components. In every way the creators boast that this is the best men’s cosmetics. Anyway best cosmetic in the world that will make the body cleaner, the body is better, and even taken damage, relieve the crown of celibacy, but do not withdraw from the binge, because this makeup can you not drink on Friday evening!

If the idea of cleaning alcohol causes you to sin, go to the website and order the kit for only $73 right from Copenhagen. Beautiful frigate will take a treasured bottle in caribarena chests through the harsh Baltic sea, and then from Leningrad on dogs you will be smelling beer cosmetics. You’re going to bathe, enjoy its velvety smooth skin, rich beer minerals, and your friends begin to think you’re a metrosexual and eventually turn away from you. But the skin is delicate care. But cancer shampoo will not save.

PS Real Carlsberg tastes better than what we have bottled. So, do not hurry to shout: «Beer is bad! When the shampoo «the Zhiguli»?!»

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