Like to drink but not to get drunk on light?


Guys, I faced a very sensitive issue: «How to drink but not to get drunk on light?»

Just time after time we gather with friends, and several people (including me) after two or three hours of «fun» can hardly stand.

As if performed by all of the traditional commandments «tea party», but the result is the same.

All the questions about why this is so, we are solely responsible that such a body, supposedly not resistant to alcohol.

But you and I know that there is something wrong. HELP ME, friends! )

Unstable to alcohol organisms, unfortunately, Russia is full (in other countries were not, I don’t know). So if our answer is useful to you, your friends and other our reader, who is prone to excessive drinking, I think they have not lived in vain.

Here’s a few tips on how not to get drunk:

1. Not to drink at all (see what a stupid thing to say, but I tried, and suddenly work).

2. A good snack (chips are not considered a good snack).

3. Drinking on a full stomach (not so fast deliver, and not much to drink).

4. To take video the whole evening of fun from the beginning to the end (compare yourself before and after, amazing how man is changing some fluid, right?).

5. When your uncontrollable body begins to convert you to drink too much, think about what someone is waiting for a liver transplant and may die before, and you voluntarily kill your liver.

6. Girls do not like guys who drink.

7. Find yourself a more interesting hobby than drinking with friends (to drink and fool knows).

Cut it out, man, I mean it. Drunk death — fuck it. There are no excuses from the «the body is supposedly not resistant to alcohol» will not be accepted.

Be a man, said «I’m not going to get drunk» and restrain said you’ll be proud of yourself. And have a weakness for the fairer sex.

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